The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Logan vs Caroline Spencer – Which Woman Will Win?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Logan vs Caroline Spencer - Which Woman Will Win?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are releasing some interesting rumors about the next big showdown that will take place on B & B during February sweeps. Brooke Logan [Katherine Kelly Lang] tries to keep her ex-daughter-in-law, Caroline Spencer [Linsey Godfrey], away from her ex-husband Ridge Forrester [Thorsten Kaye].

When Brooke returned to Los Angeles and Forrester Creations from her Italian getaway, she was in total shock to learn that her son Rick [Jacob Young] and his wife Caroline were no longer together as husband and wife. But the ultimate blow came when Brooke learned the reason why. That her much younger daughter-in-law Caroline and Brooke’s long time lover and father of her son RJ, Ridge Forrester, were spending time alone together doing much more than designing dresses!

Now that Ridge and his fiancee Katie Logan [Heather Tom] have called off their engagement, Ridge is on the market and available to continue perusing Caroline. But Brooke is not having that!  Brooke has demanded that her son Rick leave his mistress Maya Avant [Karla Mosley] and reconcile with his former wife Caroline. Brooke is also demanding Ridge leave Caroline alone so she can start working on repairing her marriage. Brooke blames herself for Rick’s spiraling emotional breakdown and wants to fix everything.

The spoilers are teasing that Brooke and Caroline will go toe-to-toe in their fight for Ridge.  Brooke will go as far as to try her feminine wiles to attrack Ridge romantically and even use their son as a pawn in a last ditch effort to make sure he stays far away from Caroline. Brooke taunts Caroline and tells her, “If I wanted to have Ridge back I could have him!”  Caroline is not letting Brooke tell her what to do, she is not backing down and tells Brooke in no uncertain terms, “I am not going to let you tell me that Ridge and I can’t be together!”

We are also hearing rumors that include revamping Spectra Fashion House as Ridge and Caroline decide to leave Forrester Creations and start their own design company. At one time Spectra Fashion was Forrester’s main rival.  Now that Forrester Creations is in a total management nightmare, this will definitely give Spectra the opportunity to finally make a big splash in the fashion world.

What do you think SOSers Would you like to see Brooke and Ridge together again or has their shipped sailed a long time ago? How about Caroline and Ridge? Are they a good fit together or once the chase in over, will they become lose interest  in each other? This promises to be a great storyline that goes to the most extreme highs and lows! You’re certainly not going to want to miss a single minute. I know I won’t!

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  1. Diane says

    The age gap is sooooo gross. How can they be taken seriously ???

    1. sos says

      I know it is like she is dating her grandfather!

  2. Aimee Bark says

    I love Ridge and Caroline together!!! It’s genuine, sweet and passionate! I’m REALLY REALLY loving it and hoping that they stay together!

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