The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Forrester Creations Explained – History, Fashion Lines and Subsidiaries


Forrester Creations was founded in 1958 by Eric Forrester and his wife Stephanie and went on to become one of LA’s top fashion design firms. They were able to start the company with a $50,000 loan from Stephanie’s father John Douglas. Over the years, Forrester Creations has been the subject of many creative differences and power struggles between not only Forrester family members but interlopers and rivals as well.

Eric served as CEO of Forrester until he was schemed out of it by his second wife Brooke Logan Forrester (who was also married frequently to his son Ridge Forrester). She developed the BeLieF formula that would make the couture wrinkle-free and this invention ended up gaining her control of 51% of Forrester Creations. After the Forresters wrestled control back from Brooke, Eric was reinstalled as CEO but Brooke stayed on.

After Stephanie and Eric split a second time, she discovered a trust document that stated she was the sole owner of Forrester Creations and she fired Eric and Brooke who were back together and installed her son Thorne as President. The company changed hands again when Nick Marone blackmailed the Forresters into selling to him and he appointed his mother as President of Forrester Creations. Eric was able to wrangle control back as CEO but then handed it over to so Ridge.

When the company began to struggle financially after Stephanie was fired and sales plummeted, Bill Spencer Jr acquired the company and made Katie Logan the new CEO and she brought her sisters Brooke and Donna in to help her run Forrester Creations. The Forresters again got the company back after Steffy blackmailed Bill. Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor each bought 25% of the company from Bill and Ridge was made CEO.

Divorce, death and drama caused the shares to migrate around so that currently, Eric Forrester holds 37.5%, Ridge Forrester has 20%, Steffy Forrester holds – 25%, Thomas Forrester has 5% and Bill Spencer Jr has 12.5% that he bought from Donna after her divorce from Eric. In addition to fashion lines, Forrester has owned boutiques, collaborated with Quinn Artisan Jewelry and developed fragrances.


In order of launch, Forrester Creations includes:

Forrester Couture – Since 1958, this was the original fashion. Sometimes referred to as Forrester Originals, Eric served as lead designer of this line but his wife Stephanie also designed with him. Their son Ridge later worked this line as well. Forrester Creations was merged with Forrester Originals.

BeLieF – This was a chemical formula developed by Brooke to remove wrinkles from Forrester’s couture creations. It earned the company big bucks but also lost the Forresters control of their own design house to Brooke. This product line is now inactive.

Brooke’s Bedroom – Since 1998, this scandalous line, created by Brooke has been one of Forrester’s most profitable product lines. The line was reduced, rebranded unsuccessfully but then revived to great acclaim in 2013.

Ambrosia – This line was designed by Rick’s then-wife Amber Moore and was a success until Ridge left the company and went to competitor Spectra which crushed the line. Amber and Rick sold the line on Telesave to try and save the company. This product line is now inactive.
Forrester Fragrance – Eric developed the fragrance line to compliment Forrester Originals. He worked with Ashley Abbott of Jabot Cosmetics to develop the line but it was later dropped and is no longer active.

Thomas Forrester Men‘s – Since 2011, this men’s line was developed in competition with Hope for the Future and was inspired to be a men’s version of Brooke’s Bedroom. Thomas Forrester is the designer and the line was originally called Taboo.

Hope for the Future – Since 2011, this line was developed for a younger audience and the campaign was headed up by Hope Logan. It was developed in competition with Thomas’ Taboo line. Caroline Spencer and Rick Forrester design the line.

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