‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Interview: Kelly Kruger Shares Favorite Beauty Hacks And Lifestyle Tips

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Interview: Kelly Kruger Shares Favorite Beauty Hacks And Lifestyle Tips“The Bold and the Beautiful” star Kelly Kruger (Eva) shared her favorite beauty and lifestyle tips with Soap Opera Digest. She said that everyone has woke up once in a while that they don’t feel their finest. On those days, she shared her favorite beauty hacks that she uses each and every day.


The first thing you should do in the morning is to drink a tall glass of water. Often times when you feel heavy, water will help beat the bloat. It is especially true if you had too much to drink or over did it on sodium the night before. Water also helps wake you up and gets your body’s digestion working well. It will deliver moisture to your skin from the inside out.

Bulletproof Coffee

Another popular trend is to add coconut oil to your coffee. They call it bulletproof coffee. Coconut oil will give you energy because it is made of MCT [medium- chain-triglycerides] and is rapid absorbed by the body and used a fuel. They are amazing because they do not turn into fat like some fatty acids do. Not only do they increase your energy levels, the MCT’s also increase your metabolism.

Ice it

Women spend a ridiculous amount of money on skin-care products; Kelly says sometimes the best beauty care items are totally free. Her best tip is to ice the puffiness under the eyes, and the best part –  it is effective immediately and feels great. Not only does it reduce swelling, but it tightens the skin for a few hours, too. All you have to do is wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold it under eye for a few minutes. As a bonus, the cold sensation will wake you up faster than any cup of coffee.

Under-eye Patches

Everyone has done it; you are putting your eye shadow on, carefully making sure your eyes are perfect. You are not paying attention and look down, and under your eyes looks like you are a raccoon. The best way to avoid this mess is to use a cooling eye mask and cutting them to fit just under your eyes to protect it from the raccoon look. Kelly recommends Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Forming Eye Gels but says there are many products like it. The best part is it protects your skin from the stray eyeshadow falling on your skin, plus hydrates your skin. It is one of the easiest beauty hacks; something that literally only takes a few minutes to do.

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