‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patrick and Emma Jet to Paris in Pursuit of Robin – Anna and Robert Called for Backup

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Patrick and Emma Jet to Paris in Pursuit of Robin – Anna and Robert Called for Backup

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers tease that Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] is desperate to make it up to Emma Drake [Brooklyn Rae Silzer] after his love life failures have once again crushed the kid. Now that Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] is gone, Emma is in torment.

Poor Emma keeps losing mother figures – all on top of the loss of her biological mom. In the past two years, Britt Westbourne [Kelly Thiebaud], Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo] and Sam have come and gone – plus Robin Scorpio [Kimberly McCullough] ditched her again.

To top it off, Emma has lost three brothers – Britt’s faux baby with Patrick, little Gabriel and now Danny Morgan. Emma is deeply heartbroken and Patrick decides she needs her mother. Patrick let Emma call Robin, but that didn’t go well.

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Robin was being menaced by Jerry Jacks [Sebastian Roche] at the time and was trying to say a permanent goodbye to her daughter knowing she’s about to be killed. But Robin might have rescuers coming since Patrick proposes an impromptu trip to Paris.

Patrick wants Emma to feel better and he thinks seeing her mother might do it. In coming days, GH spoilers indicate that Patrick and Emma will jet to Paris to look for Robin. Of course, they won’t find her, but will find a clue that indicates Robin may be in danger.

At that point, Emma will advise her dad to call in the big guns – i.e. her grandparents Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] and Robert Scorpio [Tristan Rogers]. This will scale up into an intergenerational adventure to save Robin’s life.

We have to wonder, where is Robin? Is she in Paris? Is she being held at the secret labs on Cassadine Island? We know from what Jerry said that the research was for him and Helena and Robin was looking for an “immortality” formula.

Boy the Cassadines sure aim high for scientific progress… Immortality? That’s almost as lofty a goal as freezing an entire city with a device powered by a diamond. Robin begged for more time and Jerry gave her an extra two days to cure immortality.

Seems reasonable, right? She also mentioned that she needed Helena’s body to test her formula. Here’s a side thought… If Robin did come up with an elixir and it brought Helena back to life, could it regenerate her and they recast Helena with a younger actress?

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The important thing is that Patrick, Emma, Robert and Anna are on the hunt for Robin. She could be anywhere in the world, but the clue they find should lead the Scorpio-Drakes to their kidnapped kin. This was the big storyline that Nathan Varni promised for Jason Thompson’s exit.

Based on GH spoilers that have leaked, it seems like it will not disappoint. But when all is said and done, will Emma be back in Port Charles with Anna? The showrunner also pledged that just because Patrick will be off the character canvas, it does not mean Emma is going anywhere.

What do you think GH fans? After Robin is rescued, will she and Patrick fly away on the honeymoon they never got to take? Will Robin give Emma some peace of mind after the recent trauma she’s endured? Is there any chance that Patrick and Robin will take Emma away with them?

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  1. cathy says

    The only mother figure Emma has is Robin her real mother. The other women her father brought home were NOT mother figures but there to service her father. Patrick gets the blame for Emma being upset with bringing all these women into Robin and her daughters home. Emma has no brothers since her HALF brother died and Danny is not a brother to Emma nor is a fake baby by Britt. It’s also not Robin’s fault her daughter doesn’t have piece of mind. Robin stayed away to save Emma and Patrick and now can’t come home. Emma needs her mother, Robin, and she and Patrick belong with Robin as the family they were and were meant to be. Anna and Patrick couldn’t even save Robin, they both knew something was wrong yet never went to find her. Just like the first time Patrick received phone calls from Robin yet ignored them. Robin, Patrick and Emma as a family is what should happen. Emma could visit Anna. Although, I don’t think Anna deserves that being so dumb now when she was a spy in the past.

  2. Maxine Woodard says

    They did make Anna dump alway crying. Acting stupid over a man (Duke)that she didn’t see for years an call him the love of her life.We all know who is the love of her life unless gh lied for years about sh err feel for Robert and still do come on gh bring Robert back and give us some drama. Use to have the spy shown.All we see know is a cry baby Anna do not need a doctor she need action and the one she love (Robert).look at the lok her have went she see Robert that smile of love have seem that in awhile.Writer don’t you get tide of the ladies on the shown going from man to man.Someone on the show have to be in love with someone not just lust.Let us see some of others old couples get togethers and stay togethers Like Robert and Anna ,lucy and scott,

  3. lenetha oquinn says

    I love general hospital. I’ve been a devoted fan gor yesrs and im 46 now.. Please bring patrick and robin back togettogether as a family. I hated seeing that little girl emma crying..

  4. karen.mobley says

    bring Joe from The Young and the Restless play Patrick

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