‘General Hospital’ Spoilers, July 31: Michael Threatens Nik, Laura Blasts Liz, Nina Confronts Ric

'General Hospital' Spoilers, July 31: Michael Threatens Nik, Laura Blasts Liz, Nina Confronts Ric

Look for punishment as the theme in Port Charles today – these ‘General Hospital’ spoilers will get you ready for today’s show.

Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] definitely wants Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] to feel the sting of karma for stealing his family business. Mikey will try to make Nikolas feel bad – that won’t work – then will move on to threats and will tell Nik that he will have the CEO seat back and that Nik will be out on his a** soon. Nik is not impressed and won’t back down.

Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] has certainly been punished more than her fair share. Granted she screwed over Jake Doe [Billy Miller] royally, but a bullet in the head seems extreme retribution for her actions. Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] will get an update that Hayden is definitely coming out of the coma, but who will be there to hear what she has to say when she wakes?

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Jake and Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] talk about their lives and Jake says he thinks that her dastardly cousin Nikolas knows his true identity. They wonder about this since they know that Hayden and Nik have ties and Hayden knows Jake’s identity. Once they know that Hayden is waking, Sam and Jake want to be there to talk to her to find out if Nik does indeed need a slap down over the identity.

And Laura Spencer [Genie Francis] is ready to punish Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] for lying to Jake about who he really is. At first Liz will try and play innocent, but then Laura will drop the truth bomb on her former daughter-in-law that Nikolas told her the truth. Liz won’t be able to continue to deny it and Laura will chew her out over letting Jason’s family continue to think he’s dead.

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Meanwhile, Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] is to get a punishment she definitely doesn’t deserve. Ric Lansing [Rick Hearst] talked Nina into committing herself voluntarily to Shadybrook so he can “protect” her from going to jail for kidnapping baby Avery. But then Franco [Roger Howarth] shows up to tell her the truth that Silas Clay [Michael Easton] did the baby stealing deed.

Nina is furious that Ric let her there to rot when she didn’t do the crime and that Silas is letting her take the punishment for his criminal actions. Franco will get Nina out of the loony bin one way or the other and she will go confront Silas about his actions. Silas is ready to go to the cops, but he may not get the chance to come clean if Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] and Ava Jerome [Maura West] get their way.

After Silas foolishly vowed to Morgan and Ava/Denise after catching them in the act that he’s going to tell Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin]. But since Morgan left the room once Silas started making threats, he has no idea how deep the trouble is that Denise is in – even so, Morgan will tell his honey Denise that he will do whatever it takes to shut Silas down. These two will being plotting Silas’ demise ASAP.

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  1. Charlene Gordon says

    Now thing’s are starting to heat up on General Hospital and I like it. All I want is for Jake/Jason is to remember who he is I love Franco and Nina and want to see the couple together

  2. Helen Conboy says

    I want Rick out of this Nina story free and clear. Pull a Dallas and Rick had to much to drink after being dumped by the Goody Two Shoes Liz who is being so much worse than Rick by keeping Jason from his family. Rick is having a nightmare involving himself Nina Franco and Madeleine. Get Rick out of this. And reveal Jason Now and all of the Goody Two Shoes Liz’s lies.

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