‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Does Helena Give Jason the Answers He Needs About His Memory Loss?

'General Hospital' Spoilers – Does Helena Give Jason the Answers He Needs About His Memory Loss?

Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] has had it up to here with his amnesia ordeal and wants to know who took his memories and why he was chosen for the microchip. ‘General Hospital‘ spoilers indicate that while Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] is responsible for part of his memory loss, it was Ava Jerome [Maura West] knocked the rest of his memories out of him. Of course, no one knows the second part and Helena will not come 100% clean about what she did to him. She is a Cassadine, after all…

When Jason bursts into Helena’s room on Cassadine Island, he’ll find a woman who looks frail as Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] mentioned. Helena’s wearing an oxygen feed and doesn’t look like she’s at the top of her game. Would Jason really hurt someone’s Grammy who’s lying in bed looking all sick and pitiful? Stone Cold sure would have… And it won’t help her case when Helena pushes Jason’s buttons and lets him know that she held his life in her hands.

Helena does have some insights to offer and will hand those out in dribs and drabs, making Jason work hard for every admission. But what may stun Jason is all the info she has on his son little Jake Spencer [James Nigbor]. After all, Jake has spent more time with Helena than his biological family and can’t have emerged unscathed. Jason has been too focused on his own issues to consider what trauma his son may have endured at her hands – and when she taunts him, this may push Jason to the brink.

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Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] and Liz Webber [Kimberly McCullough] will also be there and will be working against each other. Sam wants Helena to confess everything so she can have her Jason back. Liz, on the other hand, doesn’t want Helena to give too much away since she prefers Jason as-is which means with amnesia and in her bed (and life). But Jason won’t settle for the state he’s currently in and will push harder which will have Helena admit she may have a solution.

Looks like Helena has been holding Robin Scorpio [Kimberly McCullough] all this time. Robin may have even developed the microchip that was implanted in Jason’s brain. Heck, she may have even put it there while being held at gunpoint. There’s more to come out on how Jason ended up with the chip in his brain and on the run with Robin – which ultimately resulted in him running off and getting struck by Ava’s car and Robin ending up back in Cassadine captivity.

Is Robin working on a cure for what’s ailing Helena that might also restore Jason’s memory? And will Jason trust Robin? He doesn’t know her thanks to amnesia – might Jason think that Robin is just a minion of Helena’s? Sam will be on hand to remind him that Robin is a great friend of his, but Liz will want to put the brakes on any cure that Robin tries to administer to Jason. She doesn’t want him to get his memories back since she assumes he would turn around and leave her and go to Sam.

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But how can Liz convince him to NOT take the treatment? Will she play devil’s advocate and tell him he could lose the memories he’s made since the accident and still not gain any new ones? Could she tell him he might end up brain dead in a coma? She does have some valid points but we all know Jason won’t back down. He wants his brain back, no matter the risk. And Sam will be cheering him on the whole way because she knows it’s her only chance to get her hubby back.

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