‘General Hospital’ RUMORS: GH Recasting Patrick Drake – Y&R’s Chris McKenna, Michael Muhney, Jeff Branson All Competing For Role

'General Hospital' RUMORS: GH Recasting Patrick Drake - Y&R's Chris McKenna, Michael Muhney, Jeff Branson All Competing For Role“General Hospital” rumors are on fire this week as it gets closer to the time that Jason Thompson will step away from his role on the ABC soap opera. Fans have expressed how sad they are to see him go, but are not surprised he decided to walk away. For quite some time, Patrick’s storylines have been very stale- only to get more exciting recently.

ABC told Soaps in Depth that they planned to recast the role, and they are currently looking to find the right major soap star that can handle the role. They stated that it would have to be an actor with intensive experience as his role is a very emotional and complex character. It is possible that the network has issued a blind casting call for his role- only that the fans would never guess it was Patrick’s character.

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Set sideliners reported that Chris McKenna [Y&R, ex- Det. Harding] was in the last stages of landing the part. Apparently, he left “The Young and the Restless” so he could enter the role of Patrick. There has not been a confirmation from Chris or the network- at this time it is merely speculation and rumors.

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The rumor stated that Michael Muhney [Y&R, Ex- Adam Newman] and Jeff Branson [Y&R, Ex- Ronan] were both in the running for the part, as well. Muhney stated a few months ago that he would love to return to daytime TV and is waiting for the right role to present itself to him. Can you see Jeff Branson, Michael Muhney, or Chris McKenna as Dr. Patrick Drake?

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  1. Lauren says

    Michael Muhney could fill ANY role and do an awesome job. I would love to see this powerhouse back on the daily screen! In a class of his own!! Jeff Branson as a second choice if they don’t grab up MM…

  2. tra-la-la-la-la says

    GENERAL HOSPITAL is in a dire need to get a boost in the ratings. It’s now the fourth rated soap and with Jason Thompson leaving, the show needs a marquee actor to join the cast. There’s only one actor that can create fan interest and bring the show a big buzz, that’s Michael Muhney. The man as a huge fan base and he’s know as one of the top actors in the genre. GH & ABC would be foolish not to make him an offer that he can’t refuse.

    1. suzy Hayes says

      I watched MM as Adam and loved the actor as he brought Adam alive with all his goods and positive.

      I would love to see him as Dr. Patrick Drake and he would be good with Kelly M or whomever you put him against…

      Yes, I read the gossip about him on Y&R but that does not mean it is true or does not affect him as a top notch actor if it is true…

      I really liked his acting.

      (I watched Y&R since it began and have watched GH from about 2005…)

      Please grab him up ASAP.

  3. Figaro says

    Michael Muhney ALL the way. I quit Y & R after 30+ years when he left. Been watching GH since then, please, please, please put him back on daytime. The other two would not fit in that role.

  4. Nancy says

    Michael Muhney by far should be the next Patrick Drake. He is an extraordinary actor who has been off our TV screens far too long. His fan base will give GH the ratings boost it need and deserves.

  5. Cindy McLaughlin says

    Michael Muhney for sure!!…He is so missed on Y&R by all of us #teammuhney members…he needs to be on tv!!!!

  6. Jeannie case says

    It’s stupid to recast!!! Let him leave with Robin they belong together!! SCRUBS FOREVER!!!

  7. Annette Simmons says

    Only 1 person would work and get the ratings up. He has a huge huge following is Michael Muhney.
    2nd choice would be Jeff Branson . I miss them both .

  8. Kristi B says

    Michael Muhney all the way!! Powerhouse actor that I want to see back onscreen!!! I don’t see either of the other two in the role….. It’s time for Magic Michael to report to General Hospital!!

  9. Naomi says

    Michael Muhney is the best suited for this role, would love to see him on day tv again as i’m a huge fan, the ratings would increase dramatically, I watch Y&R and since he left it has not been the same, will start watching GH is Michael gets the role.

  10. Nicolas Mucyo says

    Only Michael Muhney or Jeff Branson!!
    If it’ll be Michael Muhney I really hope that they can take Jeff Branson too to play a character who works for Sonny since Jason won’t return to the mob life anytime soon. He was so good as a FBI member on Y&R! Miss him and will be perfect to see him on GH!

  11. Roberta says

    Please GH, pick Michael Muhney. He has a huge following who would love to stick it to Y&R. He’s an amazing actor and your audience will increase by so many fans. We’ve been patiently waiting to have him on our tv screen again.

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