‘General Hospital’ POLL: Brandon Barash Is Back – Which of Johnny Zacchara’s Lovely Ladies Was The Best With Him? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: Brandon Barash Is Back - Which of Johnny Zacchara’s Lovely Ladies Was The Best With Him? VOTE!“General Hospital” has brought Johnny Zacchara (Brandon Barash) back to Port Charles for a little bit. Johnny pops up now and again, and it seems as if the handsome mobster shows up just as one of his former lady loves needs him most.

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) is one of the Port Charles beautiful babes Johnny has tried to woo. The two may have smooched a bit when Zacchara accompanied Maxie to Crimson events now and then, but the almost-couple never hit it off romantically. Off-screen Kirsten and Brandon definitely had sparks. The couple secretly wed in June 2013. Storms and Barash have one child, a toddler named Harper Rose Barash.

Lulu Spencer (then Julie Marie Berman, now Emme Rylan) was just friends with Johnny until her break-up with Logan Hayes (Josh Duhon). Johnny and Lulu share a lot of history, including covering up Lulu’s self-defense stabbing of ex-boyfriend Logan. Lulu was sent to Shadybrook and grew closer to Johnny. The relationship ended because Johnny treated Lulu as if she would break, just like a fragile piece of glass. But Johnny’s been back to town twice in the past year – both times when Lulu seemed to need him the most. “GH” fans are waiting to see how the Lulu/Dante/Johnny triangle will play out.

Johnny Zacchara tangled with Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan) despite the fact that Kate/Connie was in a kinda-sorta relationship with her childhood love Sonny. Kate/Connie suffered from dissociative identity disorder and was certain that Sonny was going to have her committed to Shadybrook. But before Sonny could do that, Kate/Connie blackmailed Johnny into marrying her.

Johnny tempted fate a couple of times when it came to his love life. A one-night stand with Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) wasn’t a very good idea but how was Johnny to know one night of passion would turn into a serious romance? Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) wasn’t very pleased when he found out his nemesis was sharing a bed with the mother of his son Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). Dante wasn’t too thrilled either.

And of course Johnny got his hands on the love of Sonny’s life Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Carly didn’t want Michael involved with the mob and offered to sleep with Johnny if he didn’t hire Michael. Johnny didn’t hire Carly’s son, but Carly slept with Zacchara anyway.

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  1. Angela says

    I loved them all except for Maxie & most especially Kate, I can’t stand her, the actress can’t act, I was so happy when she was murdered but then Y&R was stupid enough to hire her.
    Johnny seemed to have chemistry with all the ladies but I loved him with Olivia & Lulu the best! Carly & him had pretty good chemistry too but my favorite was Olivia cause I think that Carly belongs with Sonny!

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