‘General Hospital’ News: Nathan Varni Sets The Record Straight – GH NOT Being Cancelled

‘General Hospital’ News: Nathan Varni Sets The Record Straight - GH NOT Being Cancelled

‘General Hospital’ news just broke with Nathan Varni setting the record straight on rumored GH cancellation. Varni made a firm Facebook post that denied all the talk that Frank Valentini had been given a six-month deadline to bring up ratings or else.

For all ‘General Hospital’ fans that were sweating bullets thinking their favorite ABC soap was on the chopping block, it looks like you can breathe easier. Varni wrote, “To set the record straight, General Hospital is not being cancelled and Frank Valentini continues to be one of the best Executive Producers working in television today.”

He added that the cancellation chatter is “100% NOT TRUE.” This is good news for ‘General Hospital’ fans since the show is picking up the pace after ousting head writer Ron Carlivati and installing new scribes Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman.

Varni also included a shout-out to fans on the Facebook post saying, “Thank you for your continued support and viewership of General Hospital… We look forward to celebrating the soap genre and bringing GH into your homes for many years to come!”

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This is great news – if it is 100% true. There’s always the off-chance, though, that it’s spin to keep ratings from tumbling more. If GH fans think their show is going off the air, they may start dropping it off their viewing schedules now and Varni may have been fighting a further ratings drop.

One thing is for sure, if GH ratings do continue to flag, the cancellation gossip might turn to cancellation fact at some point. So if you’re a ‘General Hospital’ fan, tune in and watch so the network gets ratings credit for your viewership!

With most network cancelation decisions, it’s all down to viewership and the fans so ‘General Hospital’ fans need to show support and do everything they can to keep the ABC soap on the air – before it’s too late!

What do you think ‘General Hospital’ fans? Do you feel confident that GH will stay on the air, or are you still worried about the fate of your favorite ABC soap? Share your comments below!

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  1. curtis says

    Doesnt matter what fans want, ABC is going to do what they want to do, they showed that with All My Children and One Life To live.. just to put the crap they did on in their spots..

  2. Mary Munson says

    Please don’t cancel GH I love my soap and the players I been watching when ever I could as a teen ager when I got out of school as a teenager I went full time love ever min.of it It has been great I love the Luke and laura Robin and Patrick story I hate when the great actor’s leave.but If that there choice there nothing we can do I hate it but wish them all well. Also really happy to see some of the old actor’s come back even its for a short visit. Please don’t cancel GH it’s the best running soap on tv.I think the wrighters are doung a fantastic job. Ps I can’t understand how ratings are down love Sonny ,Julian all the players there great they are fantastic actor’s and the wrighters are great keep up the great job you are doing you have my vote I could say much more about General but hope this will help GH out to show my surport . GOOD LUCK GH. Adevoted fan for over 50yrs I got started through my grandmother and mother watching. Love you GH .

  3. Saun says

    I watch everyday and would be miserable if it goes away

  4. Evy says

    General Hospital is a good soap like All My Children, One Life To Live, Days of our Lives and Dallas. Since I work I have to watch these shows on my computer at night. Do they count these views? They can canceled 3 of these shows and put ridiculous shows in its place. It is sad they that the companies that cancel these shows don’t care how the fans feel before they cancel these shows and replace them with other shows. Please realize people work and can’t always watch them. Still miss the 3 that are cancelled.
    Please pay attention to the viewers before canceling the remainder shows.

  5. kim rogers says

    Please don’t take this away from me. I have watching since Blackie Parrish days.
    It would be unfair to take it away now!
    I am also a bi-polar so I relate to Sonny too.

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