‘General Hospital’ And ‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: Soaps In Danger Of Cancellation? Frank Valentini Given 6-Months To Improve?

'General Hospital' And 'Days Of Our Lives' News: Soaps In Danger Of Cancellation? Frank Valentini Given 6-Months To Improve?

Panic alert; Fans of “Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital” are downright scared their favorite soap will vanish off the network’s lineup. The daytime dramas are in danger of being axed from the network’s lineup as soon as next month. “DAYS” recently experience a surge in ratings, higher than they have seen in years. Is the surge in ratings enough to save “DOOL” from cancellation?  “General Hospital” is in real trouble, and if something doesn’t happen soon, the ABC soap opera could be canceled in 2016, according to 24 hours.

According to 24 Hours, “DOOL” will find out if NBC decided to keep the show in late January. Based on the success of November sweeps, it seems extremely likely the soap’s contract will be extended at least 12 months to prove their ratings are not a fluke.

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At ABC,”GH” future isn’t as bright as “DAYS” and a cancellation seems possible. The daytime drama barely brought in 1.5 million viewers per day, versus “Y&R” whose ratings top five million views per day. An insider revealed that Frank Valentini was recently told he has six months to improve “General Hospital” ratings, or it will be removed from ABC lineup.

“B&B” future is also in limbo. The CBS show’s contract expires at the end of December 2015, and no official word if the show is picked up, yet. The only information released was Bradley Bell assured fans that if the show was canceled, it would continue as a web series. It wasn’t very comforting to soap fans as it almost felt like he was embracing a definite cancellation.

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The only soap that is not facing cancellation is “The Young and the Restless.” The CBS soap is doing well and rated number one in almost every demographic on the ratings. The show was picked up until the end of 2017.

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  1. Cyndy. rebello says


    1. Claire says

      If we lose the Soap it wont be because of the writer it will be the Fan fault because you all always complain over the writer and saying how your not going to watch it anymore.

  2. Becky Maples says

    Let’s go GH producers, step up your gain, there are going to be alot of mad people if we lose our only soap left since OLTL and AMC got cancelled. Let’s make our GH #1 PLEASE

    1. Kim Grant says

      I am not surprised when do they ever leave good programming alone. They take off all the good soaps and think replacing it with a cooking show will get more ratings. It doesn’t . I have news for you folks, the Chew was not a good replacement for All My Children or One Life To Live. In fact it isn’t even a good show by itself, let alone to replace a good program. There are very few good programs on TV anymore and they want to get rid of the good ones. Why, do they want people to stop watching TV all together.

  3. Brandi wolf says

    I loveeeee gh and days I will be devastated if their cancelled

    1. Carol Waters says

      I have been a fan of GH since the first day it came on the air, that was 1963. Of course until DVR I couldn’t watch it everyday since I worked. But since then I have taped the show, I do think they need some new ideas, they actually have too many characters on the show, and some of them do not get enough acting time. Would be very very upset if they cancelled it. Maybe new writers or new producers will help, lets keep GH on.

  4. Bobbi says

    I have been watching General Hospital since 4-1-63, it is my favorite soap. the writers have driven out the story lines for over a year, people are fed up. if they gave the fans what they wanted, then the viewership would increase. Maybe not all that the fans wanted but some of it, especially the Sam/Jason/Liz, story. Its been over a yr. how long must fans wait ?

  5. Tony abrams says

    I went through the cancellation of my favorite show OLTL and it took me a while to get into GH.(mainly watched to catch glimpses of the few OLTL CHARACTERS who crossed over)but if ABC now cancels GH I swear I will never turn my channel selector to ABC ever again!the shows you put on in place of OLTL and AMC are pretty much garbage and I never tune in.this is in spite of the few other shows you have I like.ill stop watching them as well.ill block your channel and any other channel that is owned by your parent company,including all Disney channels.plus I’ll never go back.to.your theme parks.test me!just go ahead and cancel GH and see!there are an army of viewers just like me who are passed off about OLTL.you will see what we can do!

    1. Ronda Lee says

      I boycott ABC except for General Hospital. I stuck to my Guns. If they cancel it. Bye bye ABC

  6. ginger rocco says

    Please leave General Hospital right where it is. We lost AMC AND OLTL do we really need to lose GH. We all look forward to seeing our favorite characters 5 days a week…pleaseeeeeeeeeee do not can cancel our favorite soap for a ridiculous show like Fablife, really a stupid show, refuse to watch…

  7. Vicky says

    I watch Y&R and GH and the difference is that they don’t drag things out on Y&R like they do on GH. After 30 yes of watching GH I stopped because of how long it takes for the storylines to wrap up.

    1. Ro says

      Exactly, if I don’t like the story it is going to move quickly and I am willing to wait through it to see if I like the next one. Y&R has been pretty consistent in my over 40 of watching soap operas. I still recognize so many of the characters that I grew up with that influences how much I invest in something.

  8. elm51 says

    i still don’t believe that y&r are always top in the rating – the show just sucks & has for several years

  9. Chris says

    Frank Varni has his head buried in the sand. He threatened viewers on his Facebook page by saying if they didn’t have good things to say they would be blocked. If anyone wants to save GH Varni needs to go now.

    1. Bettyboop says

      First off Frank Valentini and Nathan Varni are two different people. Frank is executive producer. Nathan Varni is a guy that works for ABC as a whole. As for the comment on his fb page he doesn’t mind negative feedback what he doesn’t want it people bringing their stupid arguments about Liason vs. jaSam onto his page. I have talked to him several tomes through fb messenger and have always had pleasant conversations with him. As for GH I see the cancelation on the wall because fans are having their fits about not getting what they want when they want it. I have seen many JaSam fans say they won’t watch until JaSam are happy and together, while Liason fans (some of them) say they won’t watch if they put JaSam together. I say it’s a soap. No couple is happy together forever. Let JaSam have their couple for a year or so, then Luason have their couple for a year or so because face it no couple is happy ever after on a soap. Just sit back, watch the soap and don’t complain if you aren’t getting the story you want all the time. As a long time Liz and Liason fan I have had to watch a lot of crap go on that I didn’t like and only once did I tune out (when Jake was killed off) but a lot of that had to do with real life affecting my GH watching. Like right now I am not able yo watch it ever day but again teal life is getting in the way. I am an hour from home sitting in a doctors office for an appointment with my mom. Dies that mean I want it canceled? No. Do I want JaSam back together (personally) no I find them boring as a couple but I know its gonna happen for awhile at least.

  10. Cathy says

    GH is awful. Anna Devane killed someone, and now he is alive. Dumb stories like this has the ratings low. Maybe it is time for it to be canceled!

    1. Charity says

      If you don’t like GH then you don’t have to watch it but some of us love this show.

  11. Cathy says

    It is time for GH to go. Their s/ls are horrible. Anna is a murderer, but they are white washing it by bringing back Carlos from the dead…dumb!

  12. Michelle says


  13. Dorothy O'Connor says

    If General Hospital is cancelled I will stop watching daytime TV lineup it is horrible without One Life to Live and All My Children. You think they would of learned after cancelling the 2 other soaps. Nothing they put on does well or has lasted they will lose daytime viewers for sure! I started watching Days and hope that stays on also!

  14. Cat says

    GH keeps trying to capture the love of the all powerful 18-34 group. Forget them! They are NOT the target audience. It’s older folks like me who have been watching since the first episode that miss the magic, adventure and romance that made it great!
    It seems as if they add a newbie every week or so. It ain’t workin geniuses!! We don’t want the string of twenty somethings running in and out of PC. We want to see legacy characters on whose strength made GN the hit it was in years gone by. The Q’s,..Monica and Tracy and any others we can get to return. We need good hospital storylines and less mob. Maurice is a great actor but enough mob! Where’s the love and romance!? I mean real relationships that last more than five minutes or a quick toss in the hay.
    We need Robert Scorpio and Anna working to find their daughter. Bring back Robert now and the vibe and excitement he brought to the show.
    Kim not the only long time fan that feels this way but our requests have fallen on deaf ears right along with he ratings. Wake up GH and fix this mess!

  15. Jayne economos says

    Has nothing to do with the ratings, they want to cheap out and have loud mouth liberals screaming all day.

  16. Sherri hancock says

    GH drags things out waaaay to long! Bringing people back from the dead is stupid!! Move things along faster! Stop breaking up good couples! There have been some pretty stupid story lines.

  17. Rosa says

    Really going to cancel GH after 50+ years. .you took OLTL AND AMC leave GH where it is…faithful fan since the early 80s

  18. Bella says

    Please, NO more talk or cooking shows. Daytime drama is becoming absolete. Save our last soaps!

  19. Michaela Ward says

    Cancel General Hospital and it will give me a reason to watch Netflix all afternoon. Just what we need is another stupid women talk show! Have you even read all the Facebook chatter on GH and how upset everybody gets, I thought that’s what it is about, get people talking! One hates storyline another loves it, everybody threatens to quit watching when it doesn’t go their way but I don’t think they do, they just bitch to bitch. wouldn’t it be really boring, if we didn’t have any thing to gripe about!

  20. debbie says

    Speed up story lines in both shows and make it more realistic

  21. Linda Phillips says

    I don’t like the way they are having Hope play her part. They have her more after revenge for Bo’s death then having her go through a grieving period.

  22. Diann says

    Please keep GH on. Been watching since the 80s . we have enough food shows drs shows talk shows. Please leave our soaps alone. Just need some good writing. That might help the ratings.

  23. Amc says

    GH has been so great for so many years…1st sad that the storyline got way laid…Causing in an uproar to want to continue watching but then you add all the side press taking up whole days because of media events…
    While Days & General Hospital are lone rangers they are true followers than really would find it devestating to see go…Sad that corporate people are even thinking this is a good thing…SAD…

  24. Ro says

    It just goes to show how different people are with their likes and dislikes. I have not liked the show since Guza’s last year. I have not liked one story that these new headwriters have written nor the headwriter before them wrote. The stories have all been lackluster, with no real emotional value to invest in to keep me returning. I believe they have forgotten that they should be penning a good STORY; not flaming fan wars. I have now been watching over 40 years , but I am obviously not the fan they are writing for.

  25. Janine Elbing says

    There are people that watch these shows online. The powers that be could market it online and have advertising so that it’s free and easy to access.

  26. Mimi says

    We beg you not to cancel General Hospital . A lot of us

    Viewers are look forward each day to see the show. You will disappoint all your fans disappoint all your fans.

  27. Jeana says

    General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives are the only soaps I watch now. They took the other good soaps off. There will be no reason to even turn the TV on during the daytime if they take those shows from me. I hate reality shows. I like shows that keeps me wanted more. The soaps are a tradition to us. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mom, and now me have enjoyed the soaps for ages. Please don’t take them from my family and don’t mess with our tradition. Maybe the reason the ratings are down is because mostly everyone dvrs the shows now so they don’t have watch a boring commercial, I know that’s what I do.

  28. Danise says

    I have watched only ABC soaps for 50 years. If GH goes I will now longer need to keep ABC in my line updated. GH is the only program I watch on ABC.

  29. Michelle says

    Please Please Please don’t cancel GH!!

  30. laura says

    Please don’t take off GH, we the fans miss AMC, and OLTL already. We may not be watching at the time the show airs but we are still watching, I don’t understand where they get the number of viewers, because NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED ME IF I’M WATCHING? BECAUSE I AM!!!!!!

  31. Nancy says

    GH is way better than Y&R. No drawn out s/l on Y&R – please, almost all are drawn out. The whose the daddy and baby swap stories are all Pratt and Phelps know. Boring!!!!!!! Characters may look the same but they sure don’t act like themselves. I hardly recognize several of them.

    GH is true to what a soap is. Please do NOt cancel it!

  32. June W says

    Nathan Varni just posted a comment on twitter & Facebook that this rumor is absolute rubbish. GH is NOT BEING CANCELLED. The show is going nowhere.

  33. leona says

    I have been a days fan since 1968. My mom when it first aired. I have seen characters come and go but the show remained. It would be very sad to see it go. I learned about some tough lessons in life from that show. The one constant of days has been love and family. They need to get back to that. For instance Shawn and belle there should not be a divorce. No way rafe should be with hope. Eric shouldn’t be drinking.

    Now to nbc you are a disappointment to me. I have been an nbc fan forever now other than days I don’t look at any of your shows. I stop watching the news when you did Ann Curry wrong. You should dump Chuck Todd on meet the press and put Rachel Maddow. In the morning get rid of Joe and let willie and mika do the show and bring back ed. Really whoever is making decisions over there should lose their job. Chuck should be getting ready for the ramping up of the political season for he is no Tim Russert. Joe should actual do a show call inside congress where he discuss policy and legislation. So congress can be held accountable. Use Joy, Mark and Jonathan more. That’s my two cents worth on fixing bc because I really do love you but if you cancel days you will be dead to me.

  34. Brownwyn says

    The main reason Y&R always does well is that it has the perfect time slot – soaps running later in the day are the ones that are slowly fading and disappearing. I still miss my ATWT – thankful for YouTube and my own collection of taped shows to keep me entertained. It’s sad to see this genre slowly dying.

  35. Marilyn Niemi says

    Have been watching GH since 1970, I am 70 years old, please leave something GH alone. It has been a part of my life for a long time. The programs you are replacing good soaps with (also AMC & OLTL) aren’t worth watching. There are way to many talk shows and reality shows on today. Isn’t it nice to watch good shows you can feel happy and sad about , and for the good actresses and actors who play them. I am not interested in watching more talk shows, cooking shows and reality shows. If this is all television can offer than shame on you. Soaps are like reading a good book, that you can’t put down. The other shows aren’t worth the paper between the covers. Leave them alone and if possible bring back some that were removed👎😠

    1. Sheri says

      Please don’t cancel GH or DOOL. You could cancel YAR because I don’t think their ratings are that good.

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