‘General Hospital’ News: Michelle Stafford Discusses Single Parenting, New Baby Jameson, And Skin Care Line

'General Hospital' News: Michelle Stafford Discusses Single Parenting, New Baby Jameson, And Skin Care Line

General Hospital” Michelle Stafford checked in with her fans on Periscope on Tuesday to talk about the new baby, being a single mother, and her skin-care line Michelle was extremely candid with her fans, revealing what it is REALLY like for her as a busy working mom to two amazing children.

At first, Michelle left the phone down where the fans couldn’t see her because she was feeding her son, Jameson. She has been vocal about her need to keep him out of the media, out of fear that someone may say something about his looks, which would force her to have words with someone over the net.

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Michelle noted that she looks like a troll because she has been stuck in the house for five days, wearing the same clothes. She said that being a new mom is extremely tough. “It is so hard to be without sleep. I haven’t slept in 25 hours,” she noted. “Motherhood is tough. I have two humans I take care of every day. I’m a single mom. Yo this ain’t easy. I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t sleep at all last night. I did take a quick nap yesterday.”  She explained that being a mom even with a father in the house is completely hard, but doing it alone is overwhelming at times.

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 Michelle updated her fans that her skin care; Coco Luxe by Michelle Stafford is sold out on Amazon. Her team is working very hard to get the product in stock and to prevent the mess of it going out of stock so quickly moving forward.

At the end of the video stream, she gave fans a sneak peak of her son. He looked cute with chubby cheeks and content in her arms. She said she will have a big product announcement later Wednesday. Watch the Periscope to see Jameson up close towards the end of the stream.

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