‘General Hospital’ News: Eden McCoy In New Movie ‘Tenured’ – Watch Trailer Here

'General Hospital' News: Eden McCoy In New Movie 'Tenured' - Watch Trailer Here

General Hospital”  star Eden McCoy debuted as Josslyn Jacks in October; the young actress seems like the perfect fit for the role. Eden said at the time that she couldn’t believe she was cast on the ABC soap opera as it was a dream come true; now, it looks like she has another project to add to her resume, “Tenured.” In the Netflix movie, Eden stars alonogisde, Kate Flannery and Marc Evans Jackson.

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The movie is centered around a man named Ethan Collins [Gil Zabarsky] who is a severely depressed and foul mouth teacher who struggles to keep it together while his life is in shambles. Ethan’s wife cheated on him, which left him questioning everything he thought he knew about life.

Eden portrays one of his students named Paige, who is a beautiful bright child who challenges Ethan in his quest to get his life together. In the exclusive trailer, Ethan asks her, “What is settling in life?” Paige tells him that the pilgrims settled in America. He tells her she was incorrect. “WRONG ANSWER,” He screamed. Ethan clearly was speaking of settling with the inaccurate person just because it was the easy way.

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Towards the middle of the movie, his wife decided to leave him after the man she had an affair with becomes the person she wants to be with long term. She tells him, “Ethan, I met someone. It wasn’t a first-time meeting; we are in love. I’m leaving you. It’s over!”

Ethan starts to question his life from the time of a child. He remembers his parents hating him growing up. He wonders if they really hated him, or just never understood him.  His boss, the principal wants to fire him, but cannot because his job is secured through tenure. One of the parent’s requests to see the principal with him, and he falls asleep during the parent conference. The mom is upset because he tells his students, “Nothing lasts forever.”

Ethan goes through the emotions of dealing with his wife leaving him, coming to terms with whom he is, and learning that he can overcome it all. The movie will be available on Netflix on February 1.

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