‘General Hospital’ News: Genie Francis Talks Final Scenes at GH With Anthony Geary

'General Hospital' News: Genie Francis Talks Final Scenes at GH With Anthony Geary

We hope that fans of “General Hospital” are ready for this wild summer ahead as we get ready to say goodbye to Anthony Geary, who plays Luke Spencer. Fan favorite Genie Francis recently returned to General Hospital to reprise her role as Laura Spencer, and to help with Luke’s last arc on General Hospital. Genie Francis recently spoke with TV Line about her return and what fans can expect in the coming months.

To start, it turns out that Laura Spencer is back in town not to reunite with her ex-husband Luke, but in fact, Laura Spencer has returned to Port Charles to ask Luke to aid her in her mission to find and save their son Lucky. As we recently reported, Lucky, played by Jonathan Jackson, will also be returning to General Hospital as well as Nathan Parsons who played Luke’s son, Ethan.

When Genie Francis was asked “What will the race to save Lucky look like?,” Francis told fans that they can expect “another Luke-and-Laura adventure.” Francis revealed that she cannot say much about this story arc, but that she truly believes fans will appreciate it, and she calls it a “crowd pleaser.” Despite being a vague answer, it sounds like Francis is very excited about this story and we are sure that fans will love it too. Francis did acknowledge that both Jackson and Parsons have returned and that she did, in fact, shoot scenes with the both of them.

She says, “Yes… I didn’t get to do much with Nathan. We’re in the same scenes, but I didn’t get really a one-on-one scene with him. But the Lucky moments are so, so nice. There are some amazing, not-to-be-missed scenes with Jonathan Jackson and with Tony. You can’t miss them.”

Genie Francis goes onto reveal that saying goodbye to Anthony Geary and General Hospital will be very emotional for her. Francis says she found out about Geary’s decision to leave General Hospital after a producer called her and asked if she would be willing to return for his final arc. She said, “I was like ‘Really? [Laughs] Really?’ And they said yes.

Francis goes onto say that she wanted to make sure that Anthony really wanted her to be a part of it. “He’s been very vocal about not wanting it to be Luke and Laura reuniting. My next question was, ‘is this what Tony wants?’ and they said, ‘Absolutely.’” How sweet!

Lastly, Francis says that she has not yet filmed the finall episode, but she knows that it will be difficult to do so. “This is the end of an era. It was a big thing and it was a huge part of my life, so yeah. I feel a little weepy at times…”

Make sure you tune-in to General Hospital this summer to say goodbye to Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer. We are sure this is one arc you will not want to miss.

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