‘General Hospital’ News: Genie Francis Returning to GH, Frank Valentini Confirms Laura Spencer Coming Back!

'General Hospital' News: Genie Francis Returning to GH, Frank Valentini Confirms Laura Spencer Coming Back!

We have some exciting news for all of you General Hospital fans. Executive Producer of General Hospital, Frank Valentini, has just revealed some pretty big and exciting news: Genie Francis will be returning to the show!

Valentini took to Twitter to make the announcement. He writes, “Hey #GH fans: I have AWESOME news…@GenieFrancis is coming back to @GeneralHospital.”

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Genie Francis, who recently presented the Emmy for Best Show alongside her co-star Anthony Geary (Luke) on Sunday, April 26, will reprise her role as Laura Spencer.

Fans responded to the news with immediate excitement and support. One fan on Twitter exclaims, “Yay!! Wonderful news #GH,” while another wrote, “Yes! I knew it! That is a big announcement! Soo happy! omg!” The support goes on forever. Fans are ecstatic to see Genie Francis come back to co-star along Anthony Geary, however they hope that she sticks around this time.

Francis was catapulted to daytime superstardom when she was casted as Laura in the 1970s. Genie Francis left the show in 1982 to try prime-time television, only to return to GH for a brief moment in 1983.

In 2013, Frank Valentini confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Grancis would return again, but she remained on the show for only five months. Her character, Laura, departed for medical treatment in France, and up until today, fans have been wondering when, and if, she will ever return.

General Hospital fans have been sharing their only request with producer Valentini; that Laura Spencer stays for a long run this time around.

One fan writes, “Hopefully you keep her around this time. #GH,”and another says, “that’s fantastic news! Please say she is staying a while!”

At this point, there is no information on how long Francis’ run on the show will be, but with the tremendous amount of support, we can only imagine that they will keep her around for as long as they can.

We want to know what you think. Are you excited to see Genie Francis return as Laura Spencer? How long do you think she should stay this time around? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Julie Davis says

    YES !!!!!! I truly hope they gave her a VERY long term contract. She is fantastic !!!!!

  2. Theresa Bozza says

    I am so glad that Genie Francis is coming back ad LauraSpencer. I hope you guys keep her around for a long time, Lulu needs her mother now that her cousin Valerie is making a play for her husband, and I think her and Luke need to be back together again they were meant for each other they have that special love.

  3. Virginia Kunken says

    This is fantastic news! Genie and Tony represent GH at its very best. I hope you have a wonderful, continuing story for them. There is a reason why so many millions followed their story as Luke and Laura for so many years. Nothing equals this brilliant couple in all of fiction, and no one equals the talent and chemistry that these two actors share. Hooray for GH and all of us!!!!

  4. catherine says

    Never been a fan of Genie’s. Her return sends ripples of fear through my heart that Tony might be leaving. I worry the only reason TPTB are bringing her back is to leave with Luke. Not going to be happy if that’s true.

  5. Bonnie says

    So happy she is coming back!!! They also need to bring back Lucky, Jax and Robin!! Ooh yeah…Steve Burton as Jason so Billy Miller can go back to Y&R as Billy!

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      I heard Lucky was coming back this summer!

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