‘General Hospital’ News: Cast and Fans Say Goodbye to Anthony Geary and Luke Spencer

'General Hospital' News: Cast and Fans Say Goodbye to Anthony Geary and Luke Spencer

Well “General Hospital” fans, we are down to the last few air days of Luke Spencer [Anthony Geary] in Port Charles. Although Geary finished filming a month ago, his final air date will be Monday, July 27th. According to ‘General Hospital’ spoilers, the last person Luke will interact with is Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] as they stand on the docks of Port Charles. Luke will then go off into the fog with an air of mystery and adventure surrounding him.

This week is the last interaction of Luke with key characters, including the ghosts of the three dead Spencers – evil jerk dad Tim Spencer [also played by Geary], young Patricia Spencer, and mom Lena Eckert Spencer [Laura Wright]. Luke has already bid farewell to other legacy characters that were his contemporaries including Anna Devane [Finola Hughes], Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers], and Lucky Spencer [Jonathan Jackson].

After the three ghosts from Luke’s past turn him from a suicidal bent towards a more self-discovering path, he will have one last goodbye with sister Bobbie Spencer [Jaclyn Zeman], Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] and Laura Spencer [Genie Francis] before departing Port Charles. And while the prolonged goodbye storyline has grown quite a bit tedious in recent weeks, it is sad to see Geary’s 37 years on General Hospital come to an end.

There seems to be little question that Geary won’t be back, even for cameos, if he has his way. In a recent interview, Geary burned bridges with the show in a way, heavily criticizing the writers, producers and network that put on GH and calling the soap industry “rat infested.” And once Geary is firmly ensconced in his international home in Amsterdam, it would likely take moving mountains to get him back on daytime TV.

On ABC’s Nightline last night, Geary said that Luke Spencer was “not created to be a heroic character, he was created to be an anti-hero and I have treasured the anti-side of the hero and pushed it for a long time.” Of walking away from the show he’s been part of for nearly 40 years and heading to Europe to live full-time, Geary told Nightline that it’s “Act three, curtain up and I’m center stage.

For those that are heartbroken over the loss of Luke Spencer and record-breaking eight Emmy award winning portrayer Geary, there’s a chance to share your thoughts as part of this weeks’ ABC send-off extravaganza. ABC and General Hospital are inviting fans to tweet a one word tribute along with the hashtag #FarewellTony.

What’s funny is that few of the hashtag comments rolling in are limiting themselves to one word and it’s clear that one word can’t sum up what most of us feel about watching Geary’s incomparable performances over the years. The few fans that did manage to compress their feelings into one word summed Geary up as: Irreplaceable, Incomparable, and Incredible.

Be sure to share your thoughts on Twitter with hashtag #FarewellTony and also share your comments below about how you think GH will be without Anthony Geary and what you will miss most about him.

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