‘General Hospital’ News: Carolyn Hennesy Talks Her Return To GH and Diane’s Future in Port Charles

'General Hospital' News: Carolyn Hennesy Talks Her Return To GH and Diane's Future in Port CharlesGood news “General Hospital” fans, the highly anticipated return of Carolyn Hennesy is here. Diane returned to Port Charles today. Fans have been excited about her return since they learned that she would return with Spinelli [Bradford Anderson]. She said initially she was worried it wouldn’t work out because she had something planned for the initial dates proposed. She said when she heard Bradford would be there; she shuffled things around so fans could see the two reunited on the soap opera.

Hennesy said that it had been so long since she had been on “General Hospital” that she introduced herself to all the staff. She said, “I went around saying I’m Carolyn Hennesy; I’m new. She said they laughed at her because everyone knew who she was. Then I saw Bradford. I squealed and throw my arms around him. I just love that guy.”

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No one can deny that Hennesy and Anderson have wonderful onscreen chemistry with each other. Rumors have swirled for some time that they’d work together to find the truth about Jake Doe’s [Billy Miller] true identity. Is it possible they could reveal that Diane was actually Spinelli’s birth mother?

Carolyn was encouraged by the new writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman. She noted, “They are chicks-Yay, girl power. They understand; I think that Diane is something slightly different, kind off the norm, without being mean or catty, and I think most women want to see that.”

And, that’s not all- Carolyn teased that she will return for another date soon. She said, “It’s wonderful to be back. It was crazy while I was gone, but it provided room for other opportunities. I have missed Diane, but I have already been booked for another date, so hopefully this is the resurgence of something lovely.”

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So there you have it fans- Carolyn Hennesy will return this week as Diane, and she will be coming back in the next few weeks too. Don’t forget to watch “General Hospital” this week to see what Diane and Spinelli are up to and how they could be instrumental in finding out Jake’s true identity.

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