‘General Hospital’ Laura Wright’s Beauty Tips – Best Hair and Skin on Daytime TV

'General Hospital' Laura Wright's Beauty Tips – Best Hair and Skin on Daytime TV

General Hospital’s Laura Wright, the actress who portrays Carly Corinthos, spoke to Soap Opera Spy at the recent GH Fantasy Weekend and talked beauty tips with us. We asked Laura what’s in her makeup bag that she can’t live without and she said “lip gloss.” That makes perfect sense. Even by soap standards, where piled on makeup is the standard, Laura is a fresh-faced beauty. She channels classic American good looks with minimal make-up both on and off screen.

Although Laura was born in Washington DC and raised on the East Coast in Clinton, Maryland, she looks more like a native of her adopted California with her year-round golden tan, blond highlighted locks and glowing healthy skin. She’s frequently outdoors with her kids, dogs and horses and always looks super-casual, but well put together. When Laura isn’t on set or ferrying her kids to activities, she’s busy running Standing Sun Wines with her hubby John Wright.

With such an active life, it’s no surprise that Laura keeps her beauty routine low-fuss. One of her most outstanding attributes is her hair. As Carly Corinthos, Laura has some of the best hair on TV – it’s sleek, thick and shiny gold, but if you’ve never seen photos of her off the show, you may not know that Laura has naturally curly hair. Soap Opera Spy also asked Laura why she doesn’t just wear her hair curly on General Hospital and she says “it’s not my decision, the show wants it to be straight.”

But in her off time, Laura just washes her hair and lets it go natural. She has the kind of curls that most of us have paid hundreds of dollars trying to obtain with a perm only to end up with fried hair. Hers falls in golden curls that are relaxed enough to be manageable. Laura also told us that she uses $6.99 bendy twist tie  hair curlers she gets from the pharmacy  an uses them when her hair is dry to make her curls look even better.  If you want to try them on your hair, you can pick up a set, RIGHT HERE!

'General Hospital' Laura Wright's Beauty Tips – Best Hair and Skin on Daytime TV

It’s a wonder she can keep her hair straight on set, though. Laura is constantly twisting her hair which just revs up the curls. If you check out Laura’s Instagram page, you’ll see that the blond beauty rarely wears makeup outside of work, yet always looks gorgeous. Believe it or not, Laura is 44 and has two teenagers! She has a 16 year old daughter and 14 year old son and has been married nearly 20 years.

Laura looks amazing for any age, but is particularly stunning for a woman in her 40s. No doubt her healthy eating habits contribute to her radiant skin, but it may also stem from her love of wine. Laura considers herself the official wine taster of the family vineyard and if you follow her Twitter feed, you’ll see that she talks on almost a daily basis about her love of fruit of the vine.

She may be on to something with this – resveratrol, a component in red wine – is known to promote healthy glowing skin, better sleep, stronger teeth and a healthy brain. And, not only is Laura Wright, beautiful on the inside, but she’s got a good head on her shoulders. She’s known for her amazing memory, especially for dates. We love that Laura is not only one of our favorite actresses, but that she’s got such a low key beauty regimen so she can focus on the important things in life – like her family and passions outside of work!

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  1. Little Miss Kate says

    I could totally use those curlers! My hair is so hard to tame, they look like a great way to get easy beautiful curls.

  2. Jennifer (momvstheboys) says

    I’ve always wanted to try those foam rollers, they remind me of a lalaloopsy doll lol My hair is fine and breaks easily, these look really gentle

  3. Heather says

    I lov ehearing how people with curly hair do their hair. Mine is totally straight but I have a daughter with curls so I’m trying to learn the ways of curly hair!

  4. Vanessa says

    I need some of these tips for travel! Those foam rollers look so travel-friendly (and idiot proof, which I absolutely need).

  5. Melody says

    Best skin??? Her skin looks like leather!!!!

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