‘General Hospital’ Interview: Rebecca Herbst Shares Personal Beauty Tips

GH-Rebecca-HerbstRebecca Herbst is best known for portraying Elizabeth Webber on “General Hospital” since 1997. It would surprise most “GH” fans to learn that she also is a beauty and DIY [do-it-yourself] guru. In fact, Rebecca with her mother’s help did her hair and made her dress for the 2009 Emmy awards. Ever since, it is a project she does with her mother every single year, Pretty City reported.

Rebecca is a spokesperson for Purpose Skincare and is a stickler about regular beauty care. She says that includes eating right, exercising, and drinking enough water. Herbst also noted that it is an all year duty and doesn’t just include caring for your skin before the Emmy ceremony.

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Rebecca said, “I am a believer in simplicity and consistency. I wash my face every morning and night with Purpose Gentle Cleanser. In the morning, I use Purpose moisturizer with SPF 15 and for the evening, I use an eye cream with a night time moisturizer.” Rebecca Herbst beauty product’s list is extremely basic. The one product she said she CANNOT live without is ChapStick. “Dry lips are not attractive. I don’t leave the house without ChapStick, ever,” Rebecca noted.

Herbst explains that a gently moisturizing treatment keeps her skin hydrated and glow no matter the stress she is under at the time. “Moisturizing your skin- day or night- really protects it from the elements. I also cut back from exfoliating because it tends to dry out my skin in harsh weather. And, writing lots of water is always the best way to keep your skin nice and hydrated.”

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Rebecca said she has learned many tricks of the trade from her long-time stay on ABC “General Hospital.” She said, “Fortunately, I picked up some amazing makeup tricks of the trade working with the makeup artists on the set. A really good concealer under the eye and a dark mascara will open up your eyes. Also, a nice rosy cheek makes you look healthier and more alert.”

The ABC soap opera icon said the real secret to her amazing complexion is simple- consistency with skin care, hydration – including drinking enough water, and sleep. “We forget how essential a good night’s sleep is as well as hydrating the body from the inside out. I drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day. Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. Find a cleansing wash that doesn’t dry out your skin and a really good moisturizer, one with sunscreen for the day. Be consistent with your routine. Be good to your skin and your skin will be good to you in return,” Rebecca explained.

Rebecca raises money from her fan event to benefit the charity, The Smile Train. It provides cleft surgery to millions of poor children in third woman countries. She said, “The best beauty tip I learned over the years is true beauty comes from within.”

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