‘General Hospital’ Interview: Jackie Zeman Discusses Anthony Geary’s Final Scenes, And New Head Writers

'General Hospital' Interview: Jackie Zeman Discusses Anthony Geary’s Final Scenes, And New Head Writers

“General Hospital” spoilers tease that Anthony Geary’s final air date as Luke Spencer will air on the ABC soap on Monday July 27. On Friday July 24, Luke Spencer began his goodbyes in Port Charles before he travelled off to “find himself,” and “General Hospital” fans had to hold back tears as Geary said goodbye to his on-screen sister of over 30 years Jackie Zeman, who plays the part of Luke’s little sister Bobbie Spencer.

“General Hospital” fans all took to the internet after Jackie and Tony’s goodbye scenes on the ABC soap to express how moved they were bye Luke Spencer and Bobbie Spencer’s final scene together. It was as if the actors themselves were truly saying goodbye to each other, not just their characters – and it had us all teary-eyed.

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Bobbie Spencer’s portrayer Jackie Zeman sat down with Michael Fairman Soaps to discuss her final scenes with the legendary Anthony Geary. Luke and Bobbie’s goodbye scenes meant as much to Jackie as they did to GH fans watching at home and she dished to Michael Fairman:

“I was very pleased when I read the scripts, because you could tell that they just took time with them. They were so beautifully written. They gave it a throughline throughout the show that it gave substance that we spent enough time together as brother and sister, and that it wasn’t a two-minute scene shoved in and done, and moving on. There was some depth and sentimentality put into it, because when you stop to think about saying goodbye to someone in real life that you are so attached to, and so emotionally committed to, and has given such allegiance to with your heart, soul and body to for so many years, that deserves a few minutes of goodbye.”

“General Hospital” spoilers also recently confirmed that headwriter Ron Carlivati was fired from the ABC soap, and Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante will be taking over the regime as of August 10. Jackie Zeman also discussed the change in the writing department with Michael Fairman and where she thinks the soap opera will go from here – and she even hinted that Anthony Geary could be coming back later on for a brief visit or cameo!

Zeman dished, “It’s a big challenge for our new writers that are coming in to say, “OK, what do we do?” There is this hole in the show where the Luke character was for so many years, and because so many of us have been attached to the Luke character. I am sure they are thinking, “What do we do with them?” But you never say, never. Luke and Tony could always come back!”

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We will miss Anthony Geary just as much as his on-screen sister Jackie Zeman, but we are also excited to see what the new writers will do with the ABC soap opera from here, and where they will go with storylines now that Luke Spencer is officially leaving Port Charles indefinitely. Do you think that the writers will find a way to keep Bobbie on the canvas once Luke Spencer is gone? What do you think the new writers have in store for Zeman’s character? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check SOS for all of your “General Hospital” spoilers and news.

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    Devestated about the new writers.. Ron has done an amazing job with GH and unless they keep my soap true to the story I’ll have to bow out.. It almost seems like thats what they want us to do anyway.. They don’t want the uproar of cancelling it so now they are destroying it just like the view… I bet ABC already has plans for those 2 spots.. They think their slick

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