‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Sonny and Morgan Both in Crisis – The Road Ahead For Father & Son

'General Hospital' (GH) Spoilers: Sonny and Morgan Both in Crisis - The Road Ahead For Father & SonMost soap shootings are usually either life, death or coma. The victim either dies fast, slips into a long-term coma or bounces back so fast it’s a medical marvel. In this ‘General Hospital’ spoiler, we take a look at the Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] shooting and how his downfall parallels that of his son Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig]. Both are dealing with a medical crisis, one physical and one mental, and both their declines will cause major trouble for the Corinthos clan.

Don’t look for Sonny to come back from this shooting as the man he once was. Granted, we’re not going to lose Sonny – he’s a critical legacy character and one that new co-writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman have promised to focus on more. But they have also announced their intentions to bring the hospital more into the forefront of the show (the show is named for the place, after all) and this plot line will allow them to do just that.

The bullet is very close to Sonny’s spine and Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] and Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] made the tough decision to let Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] try the risky surgery despite the risk of paralysis. Sonny pulled through but will end up with spinal damage (at least for a while). There will also be some touch and go medical stuff for Sonny in the coming days – this drama will stretch out for days to weeks.

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Sonny wakes and finds out he’s paralyzed, he will not take it well. Sonny is accustomed to being the most powerful man in Port Charles and will struggle to find out he’s virtually powerless as he recovers. Morgan also has days and weeks of a struggle coming. As his father’s physical condition deteriorates, so does Morgan’s mental state. Sonny had just gotten Morgan more grounded and ready to face a possible bipolar diagnosis when he was shot.

Now Morgan won’t hear anything about seeing a shrink when he’s contemplating killing Julian Jerome [William deVry] to avenge his father. The problem is Morgan is acting irrationally and passionately and will likely put himself into danger by trying to play with the big mob boys in Port Charles. The new mob faction that’s moved into town – and tried to kill Sonny – won’t take well to Morgan running around trying to off Julian and this will put Morgan into danger.

Even though Julian isn’t responsible, at least directly, for Sonny’s shooting, he has been paving the way for the new mob syndicate to move in by ceding former territory and employees to them. However, Morgan can’t see past his rage and may end up getting hurt. Rumor has it that Morgan will end up hospitalized himself – whether it’s for physical damage as a result of his vendetta against Julian – or a psychiatric hold at Shadybrook remains to be seen.

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What we will see in the wake of Sonny’s shooting is that Michael will step up and take the reins of Sonny’s organization to try and keep the family safe and will stay close by his mom and dad throughout the ordeal. Morgan, though, will go off on his mother and be verbally cruel to her and will reject her overtures to help him. Morgan’s mental mess will be a major obstacle for the Corinthos family while they try to pull together to be there for Sonny and keep each other safe.

We’ll see Michael try and reel his brother in, but it will be a struggle. The problem is, the one person that can talk sense to Morgan is Sonny, who is unable to do so. And even when Sonny wakes up, he’ll have so many issues of his own to deal with, he may also be a mental mess and the two may end up needing to get a group discount on major mental therapy…

Stay tuned to General Hospital to watch this plot unfold and see the changing dynamics in the Corinthos family and mob syndicate as Michael steps up to take control of the family with Carly acting as the queen regent of sorts. This is an exciting new plot line that will hopefully serve as a ratings booster and bring back GH fans that have been turned off by Ron Carlivati’s slower paced and trite plots.

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