‘General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jason Morgan Reveal Causes Port Charles Havoc – Liz Loses Jake?

'General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jason Morgan Reveal Will Cause Havoc On Port Charles, Break-Up With Liz?
“General Hospital” fans are waiting for one moment; they want Jake to find out he is really Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). It is a moment the fans are waiting to see happen, and most feel the writers are dragging the storyline out too much. The moment has arrived, and the fallout from his reveal will be huge. It looks like no one in Port Charles will be unscathed.
Jake has experienced a few flashbacks or memories that he cannot explain. He doesn’t recall ever marrying anyone, yet he dreamt saying his vows to someone (Sam). He seems to be having his memory return, but instead of it flooding back to him- it is trickling in little by little. And, the memories he is getting do not make much sense to him, yet. He remembers how to kill people in a flash as we witnessed him save Sonny (Maurice Benard) and T.J. (Tequan Richmond).
When Sonny mistakenly thought he was Jason, it had a profound effect on him. He was freaked out, and rightfully so. He knows Sonny’s family misses Jason presence in their lives- and felt Sonny may have manifested the longing for Jason into seeing him as him. When it comes out that Jake is Jason- it will send Port Charles residents in a tailspin. There doesn’t seem to be a way to redeem Liz Webber (Elizabeth Herbst). She knew that he was Jason and hid the truth from Sam (Kelly Monaco). When he learns she tried to keep him from his family, he will be angry. She told him the story about when she hid the truth about Danny’s paternity from Jason and how badly she felt for keeping him from his family. How will she be able to talk her way out of concealing such a big secret for so many months?
The whole Corthinos family will be thrilled with the news that Jason is alive. Carly (Laura Wright) will assume that’s why they always got along so well- he was Jason all along. Sonny always said he felt like Jake was hiding something- and he was partly correct. Jake had no idea his real identity was none other than Stone Cold.  Laura Wright retweeted a fan last week who stated that the reveal better happen fast because fans are losing interest in the show. It led fans to believe that soon the reveal will roll out. It looks like the writers are going to have him suspect he could be Jason but brush it off for a few weeks. Eventually, he will have an a-ha moment, and it will all come together. He will likely tell Liz or possibly Carly that he thinks he may be Jason Morgan.
Jake’s big reveal is coming, and everyone will be affected. Do you think Jake can forgive Liz? Do you think Carly will be shocked to find out Jake has been Jason Morgan all along? How will Jake move on with his life as Jason Morgan? The countdown is on- now fans must wait until November sweeps.
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  1. Eileen Hargis says

    I hope he kicks Liz to the curb. She deserves it, cause she knew he was a married man with a wife and 2 sons. Theres no excuse for what she did, love is not a reason.

    1. Megan says

      I love reading spoilers on this site but I’m a stickler for details…The actress that plays Sam is Kelly Monaco, not Morocco.

      1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

        Oops thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Deb says

    Enough already GH get Jason back asap!!!!!!!

  3. Janeen says

    It’s been a long time coming! I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer! Devoted GH fan….

  4. susan says

    this is making me not care anymore

    i am not a fan of sams, never have been, never will be

    i really do hate what they’ve done to liz in this story

    why doesnt’ she ever deserve to be happy


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