‘General Hospital’ (GH) RUMORS: Ava Exposed and Arrested For Murder – Will The Charges Stick?

'General Hospital' (GH) RUMORS: Ava Exposed and Arrested For Murder - Will The Charges Stick?“General Hospital” is heating up; Ava (Maura West) has been exposed and has found herself in a pretty bad spot. She tries to explain to Franco’s (Roger Howarth) attorney, Scotty (Kin Shriner) that she is not Ava, but her DNA test result is solid evidence to prove the contrary. He pointed out that she listened when her daughter cried for her mother and father, and never let her know she was Ava. She covers her face with her hands and cries. She cannot explain herself. Do you think Ava will be arrested for Connie’s (Kelly Sullivan) murder?

It is looking like she will be arrested this week, most likely Friday. Rick (Rick Hearst) wanted Scotty to proceed with the questioning on Friday’s episode, because if she is proven to be Ava Jerome- the people will prosecute her for murder. Will it finally come out that Ava has been sleeping with Morgan (Bryan Craig) behind Kiki’s (Hayley Erin) back? How will Kiki react when she learns that her mother and boyfriend both lied to her?

It is looking like Ava should be arrested this week; however, the charges may not stick. The rumor is, someone- possibly Julian (William DeVry) – could find the confessional tape and delete it. “GH” spoilers state that Julian will go see Ava in jail this week. Could he want to talk to her about the tape that they need to locate in order for her to walk free?

Meanwhile at Shadybrook, Nathan (Ryan Paeve) knows that Nina (Michelle Stafford) knows who kidnapped baby Avery a few months ago. He told her how he knew Silas took her, but she refused to answer. She didn’t tell him that she knew he took the baby to see if she was a match to cure Ava’s cancer. He knows there is a connection, especially considering Avery was only missing a few days. He is desperate to find answers so he can close the case.

One thing is for sure; fans are ecstatic that Ava has been exposed. The Denise cover she invented was getting old and fans were sick of it. The general census of fans is they cannot wait until she is exposed and her daughter, Kiki knows that she has been sleeping with Morgan all along. Do you think Ava will be arrested? Is it possible that she will finally pay for murdering Connie?

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  1. Andrea says

    It sounds like life and reality are returning to Port Charles. So glad. Hope they dont drag out the storyline by making the tape disappear. (there should be a copy and the evidence surely shouldnt be sitting in thr D
    DA’s desk). Anyway so glad Ava/Denise are getting outted.

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