‘General Hospital’ (GH) The Road Ahead: Major Storyline Shake Ups, Morgan Hospitalized, Ric Arrested

'General Hospital' (GH) The Road Ahead: Major Storyline Shake Ups, Morgan Hospitalized, Ric ArrestedWant to know what’s coming in Port Charles weeks in advance? We’ve dug up all the dirt for you in this ‘General Hospital’ spoiler update – here’s what’s coming this Fall on GH!

First, expect a major shake up in storylines now that Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman officially have their hands on the tiller – Ron Carlivati’s last writing, according to IMDB, aired on August 18th – so it’s all about the new co-head writers from here on out. Even if you were a Carlivati fan, we can all agree that the plots have been stale recently, so this is great news for GH fans.

For starters, there will be a lot more of the grown-ups in Port Charles and a lot less of the little kids who will be back seated into ancillary roles. Second, the five big PC families – Quartermaine, Spencer, Cassadine, Corinthos and Scorpio – will be part of one big plotline that will launch in the coming weeks that will be mob and law enforcement centric.

Plus Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] and Maxie Jones [Kirsten Storms] can expect to see their characters beefed up and Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] will be getting more screen time. There are also some new and familiar faces headed back to Port Charles. Vincent Irizarry is rumored to have been cast as Nathan West’s [Ryan Paevey] mystery day – Valentin Cassadine – the most evil of the Cassadine clan.

Kristina Corinthos-Davis [Lexi Ainsworth] is headed back to PC in time to see her dad Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] get re-hitched to Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright]. Three more returns include Robert Scorpio [Tristan Rogers], Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] and Kyle Sloane [Robb Derringer]. Sloane will be back just long enough to wrap things with Anna and be killed off.

Robert may be back in Port Charles’ law enforcement – remember he was chief of the PCPD – if Jordan Ashford [Vinessa Antoine] is fired, Scorpio could helm the ship again. Anna is going to try and get the Mayor ousted while exposing Sloane and Nikolas Cassadine’s [Tyler Christopher] involvement in the rigged mayoral election. Anna and Robert also have concerns about their daughter.

Morgan will spiral into mental illness and end up hospitalized, but Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] will be a source of strength for him. Sonny and Jake Doe [Billy Miller] will share some screen time and may start bonding despite Sonny’ initial reservations. Jake and Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] will grow closer as they continue to work against Nikolas. They will find a way to get ELQ back to Mikey.

Nikolas continues his evil arc and, rumor has it, will accept Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] as his queen and they will be the next PC power couple. Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] is headed back to PC for a brief stint to reveal some secrets. What will she think of Hayden? Hmm… Helena may have two spies in town – Spencer Cassadine [Nicolas Bechtel] and Jake Spencer [James Nigbor].

Looks like little Jake may not have emerged unscathed from Helena’s custody – in fact, she may have sent him to town to be her little droid. Interesting… Look for Brad Cooper’s [Parry Shen] parents to show up, both adopted and biological. Looks like neither may have a clue that Brad is gay and he’ll have to facing losing Lucas Jones [Ryan Carnes] if he doesn’t come clean.

Ric Lansing [Rick Hearst] will not stay put as DA since he will be arrested by Nathan for gaslighting Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] and trying to steal her money. Ric’s co-conspirator Madeline Reeves [Donna Mills] will be locked up for killing Silas Clay [Michael Easton]. That leaves Nina all alone with Franco [Roger Howarth] and they can finally explore their relationship.

Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] will get way too close to Dillon Quartermaine [Robert Palmer Watkins] and Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] will get justifiably jealous. Wild rumors persist that Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi] will turn up pregnant and Dillon will offer to pretend the baby is his – at least for a while until he gets closer with Lulu.

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  1. patsyalford says

    I have enjoy gh ever since 1970 and I enjoyed watching this show but it got a little boring but now I am very excited about upcoming episode that will be coming up, keep up the good work and I would like to know is the character SHAWN COMING BACK TO GENERAL HOSPITAL I MISSED HIM , ANYWAY HE WAS FRAME SO I HOPE HE WILL COME BACK SOON.AND THE ACTOR THAT PLAYING JASON [BILLY MILLER ] PLEASE DO NOT GET RID OF HIM HE IS A VERY GOOD ACTOR ,I HEARD A RUMOR THAT YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS WANTED HIM BACK I HOPE NOT.

  2. terry says

    having read your spoilers i hope all are true, and especially vincent izzary coming to gh…………also tristian roberts coming home………………and yes, we need to keep billy

  3. butterfly Collective says

    I’m over the Corinthoes being front and center because we’ve had a decade plus of that and definitely Kiki and Morgan. They’ve been nearly front and center since last March/April and not much has come out of it ratings wise. Mainly because the show doesn’t seem quite sure what they want Kiki to be character wise. Silas had that same problem. The commonality is that both characters’ creations arose from a legal ruling from a lawsuit forcing the show to create totally new characters if the network chose to retain the actors without much turnaround to do that. Until they decide what they want Kiki to be and stop rewriting her nearly every episode, that character will struggle and get what looks like a lot of negative feedback on social media. Not a good position for a younger female character to be in. Morgan needs better character development too. What does he do when he’s not cheating on Kiki with her mother or drugging his brother? Working to pay the rent to live in his mother’s house? That’s what happens when characters exist mainly to advance plot points and little else even in their own stories.

    I hope the show is seriously not going to retcon Sonny’s mob choices including his killing of AJ as being due to him being bipolar as part of Morgan’s bipolar arc. I think that’s just irresponsible and I do think overtime they’ll get plenty of backlash. But then the writers used mental illness to magically whitewash Luke’s history during his “goodbye” story. A shame in Luke’s case because they actually had written an arc where Luke ultimately accepted responsibility for killing Jake.

    Ditto any focus on mob and LE. Hello? That was part of what this summer of low ratings was about and just the promo of a mob war in the second of March turned a weekly average of 3.1 ratings and higher key demos to barely 2.6 million and the first of what, 15 weeks of tied, or newly set lows? All in one week and it was mostly downhill from there for a lot of reasons but I think that was one of them. I think viewers were burned out on the mob and cognizant that the show always falls back on the familiar mob trope when it runs out or completes story arcs elsewhere on canvas.

    Would love to see Helena come back and interacting with Cassadines, and no I don’t consider newbie Hayden a Cassadine let alone a “queen”. It’d be nice to not have to wait a decade between scenes with Helena and Natasha, for example.

    Robert and Anna does sound interesting. Spencers not enough of them left and their patriarch is missing. Ditto Scorpios though Robert and Anna are faves. The actors are great together. I don’t see Robin returning as KMc seems very busy with her directing and more power to her for pursuing her dream.

    The Lante/Dillon/Val story sounds like the Julexis/Niv baby mess last year that no one really liked. Which sounds like the baby mess in 2002…which….get the picture. Probably one of the last stories in the past year or so to redux. Live and learn I guess if they got that route. I am hoping the new writers are rewriting the story in a different and probably more ratings friendly direction.

    Frina, Madeline, Ric, etc. all had airtime this summer and ratings are not stellar mostly because they seem to be floaters and floaters support story better than they drive it. These previews have the same characters once again not included in predicted story who spent most of the summer like that. The problem with these previews is that the show could have gotten most or all of it if they kept RC in his position. Most of the characters front and center minus Robert are ones he put on the front burner this summer and earlier.

    Speaking of…

    Julexis and the Davis Girls are missing even though all three of Alexis’ daughters will be on screen for the first time in over two years. I’m hopeful that bringing Kristina back isn’t just part of the decision to recenter the Corinthoes front and center because I’m more of a Davis Girls fan. Plus lots of people seem to enjoy their scenes. Only matriarchal family on the canvas in a sea of patriarchy.

    Julexis was missing from the canvas under RC’s writing most of the summer until suddenly they were suddenly there towards the end of it. Mostly in filler which makes me think the point was to get them back on canvas even if story couldn’t be written for them.

    I’m skeptical that one of the few couples and stories that could definitely benefit from a change in HWs is missing completely from story this autumn. Especially with both actors tweeting or saying that they have heavy taping schedules coming up. I think they’ll get story but because they fall under the radar in general spoiler wise on most media sites, it’ll probably be pretty much unknown until the magazines do their autumn previews.

    It’d be nice to see Maxie do something other than be all about Nathan. Maybe get back into working in fashion again. Sabrina worked better as a nurse than a babysitter/nanny the latter seems to be mostly so she can hook up with her bosses. So maybe that clinic story might go forward.

  4. April says

    I’m glad the new writers are taking over. Maybe I will resume watching again. They really need to do something about LYING LIZZY I can’t even stomach that face any longer. Just when you think she’s done man hunting she starts all over again. Sam and Danny need and deserve to have the real Jason back. You GH fans that have been loyal to you deserve better.

    1. Beverly Gail Little says

      GH is the only soap worth watching for me..I LOVE Sonny and just waiting for him and Jason to be reunited.. I look over the mob story lines…all soaps has their little laps in judgement sometimes… At least none of them have been possessed…that was just a shameful story line on that other soap…at least GH is constant.. Since ABC took the others great soaps off…GH is worth hanging on to..Sonny is one of my favorite characters..

  5. ex fan of gh says

    Tristan coming back, and him and Anna going looking for Robin fine. She is a murderer so will this be after she gets out of jail.? The rest of the show Who gives a damn .Not me.Tooo much mob, too much actors And I say the word lightly I don’t like. Sonny, sonny, sonny No thanks even Tristan can’t make me care.

  6. Caffey says

    Robert and Holly would be the only reason I would start watching again. I hate Anna Devane!

  7. cooks7570 says

    I would love to see Dante and Valerie get a real chance to be a coupe. Dominic and Brytni have awesome chemistry together and I would hate see it wasted. I hope Dante and Valerie are having a baby together. I just find this Dante and Lulu boring as hack.

  8. Owen S.G. says

    One correction that I’m aware of, Ron’s stories did not end August 18th … the majority of his stories were laid out thru early October. J&S material surfaces Oct 7th, they only officially started working on GH the week of Aug 10.

  9. Dorothea gilpin says

    Can’t wait until SAM and JASON find out about each other..When
    Does this take place??

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