‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers Monday, August 24: Julian Comes Clean-Alexis Thinks He’s Scheming, Scotty Outs Ava-Morgan Devastated

'General Hospital' (GH) Spoilers Monday, August 24: Julian Comes Clean-Alexis Thinks He's Scheming, Scotty Outs Ava-Morgan DevastatedJulian Jerome [William deVry] is ready to come clean to Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn] about at least one of the secrets he’s keeping. When Alexis presses Julian on why he’s so interested in Denise DeMuccio [Maura West] all of a sudden, Julian tells her that Denise is a fake and Ava Jerome is alive and well. Alexis may not be as shocked as he thinks. Will Julian tell her all the DNA dirt too?

After Julian and Alexis are done chatting, Julian heads off on an errand to confront Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard]. Julian accuses Sonny of setting him up to be arrested by robbing his own shipments. Sonny isn’t buying it and turns it back on Julian accusing him of fronting and is sure that Julian is guilty. Can Sonny and Julian calm down enough to realize that they’re both being played?

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Alexis also has some talking to do and meets up with her kiddo Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] and tells her that she’s concerned about her dad Julian. Alexis shares with Sam that she thinks Julian is scheming. Sam asks if it’s mob stuff and Alexis doesn’t think so, but does think it has something to do with Ava/Denise. Will Alexis tells Sam that her evil Aunt Ava is back from the dead?

At the Silas Clay [Michael Easton] murder trial, Scotty Baldwin [Kin Shriner] tears Ava a new one on the stand. Turns out Scotty had another DNA test run and it’s a 100% match for Ava Jerome. How did Scotty get that? Did he steal Ava’s martini glass or her a piece of her ever-present gum? Whatever it is, Franco [Roger Howarth] can’t stop his dad’s role and Ava will have to talk fast.

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Ava reveals she came “back” for Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] and baby Avery, but will she actually admit on the stand to being Ava? Is Scotty that good? Oddly, Ric Lansing [Rick Hearst] lets Scotty go off on her because if she is Ava, Ric wants to prosecute Ava to make a name for himself as DA and because he knows Sonny would appreciate him putting her away. What a mess.

Kiki and Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] are both shocked by the revelations. Kiki will be thrilled to hear that her mom is alive, no matter that she lied. Morgan, however, will be completely fractured to know that Ava is back from the dead. Morgan knows the right thing is to be with Kiki but he really loves Ava – will this send him into a bipolar tailspin? Morgan is so fragile right now…

Nathan West [Ryan Paevey] believes Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] that Franco may not be Silas’ killer so he follows up on the baby Avery kidnapping. Nathan chats up Maxie Jones [Kirsten Storms] and tells her that Nina told him Silas kidnapped Avery. They try to figure out why Silas would steal the baby. When they hear that Ava is alive, will that give them the clues they need to crack the case?

And speaking of secrets, Jake Doe [Billy Miller] is still clueless about his identity but is happy to be where he is at the moment because he’s spending time with little Jake Spencer [James Nigbor]. Will Jake have some memory triggers while playing with his son? Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] is over at GH and breaks the news of her engagement to Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] who wishes her well.

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