‘General Hospital’ (GH) Interview: Billy Miller Promises An Explosive Reveal of Jason Morgan

'General Hospital' (GH) Interview: Billy Miller Promises An Explosive Reveal of Jason Morgan

“General Hospital” fans have had a hard time accepting Billy Miller as Jason Morgan. They have stated over and over the past year about how much they miss Steve Burton as Jason. Billy Miller said that the fans have no reason to be upset with his portrayal of Jason yet, because he has only played Jake so far. He explained that the character of Jason is a complex individual. He has three people: Jason Morgan, Jason Quartermaine, and Jake Doe.

Billy Miller debuted as Jason Morgan a year ago. When he arrived at the hospital, he couldn’t recall his name or anything about his life prior to being found by a stranger. He had plastic surgery that changed his face, so he doesn’t look like Jason Morgan, anymore. No one at the hospital knew who he was. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) was a nurse at the hospital and felt a connection to him immediately. She didn’t know his true identity, so she named him Jake until he could remember who he really was.

Jake cannot remember life as Jason because he only memories of being Jake due to a brain injury. Liz knows he is Jason (now) but is keeping it from him. Liz is hiding Jake real identity from him, knowing when he finds out she hid the truth from him- he will be furious with her. At the moment, Jake proposed to Liz and she gladly accepted. She was seen on Monday’s episode very nervous that he will find out his identity and leave her.

Billy Miller explained that he hasn’t had the chance to show his fans his portrayal of Jason, yet. The big Jason reveal is set to come out during November sweeps, according to the “General Hospital” spoilers. The news will affect everyone in Port Charles from Liz to Sam (Kelly Monaco) – and everyone connected to them. The news will shake up Port Charles, and it may not be in a good way. Who do you think will be most affected by the Jason reveal? Do you think Jake will leave Liz when he finds out he is Jason Morgan?

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  1. Charlene Gordon says

    I will give you a chance because I want to be fair. I believe that you are a very good actor. So the race is on Billy Miller.

  2. Celia Love says

    First or all, I think you are an amazing actor, and you are doing a great job portraying Jake Doe, I am anxious for the Jason reveal, because it has been dragging on for so long, but honesty I will miss Jake because I have grown to love him. I know you will do an awesome job as Jason Morgan/Quartermaine, I am looking forward to seeing this, I can’t wait, so excited

    1. Sinnie Davis says

      I’ve seen Billy Miller in other movies(Lifetime). He’s a great actor. I’m sure he will definitely bring Jason Morgan and Jason Quartermaine back to life! No doubt about it!

  3. Shelly Collier says

    I’m not sure where you are getting your information or if you are just following Steve Burton fan pages, but the fans LOVE Billy Miller! I am a member of several of the largest GH groups and the overwhelming majority love him!

    1. Barbara says

      I like Billy Miller as Jake doe but Jason Morgan is and will always be Steve Burton. I do wish he will reconsider and return

  4. Cassandra Ryan says

    Goodness Gracious that is long but as long is no.doubles and it keeps us in suspense I can take it!

  5. Nikki stephens says

    I think Billy will be a great Jason if they will ever let him be Jason . And I hope he (Jason ) will never be able to forgive Liz

  6. Priscilla Hodges says

    I have loved Billy Miller for years on both AMC, Y&R and now GH. He is an awesome actor and puts himself into everything he does. As far as Jake/Jason is concerned, I really want Jake to find out that HE IS JASON and MARRIED TO SAM. I want Sam, Danny and Jason to have a chance to be the family they have not had the opportunity to become….If they are given that chance and it does not work out then let Sam and Jason decide who, what, where, and when they will be …..as it stands now, Jake is being forced to “love” Liz and even as Jason, even though he was very fond of her…..HIS HEART ALWAYS BELONGED TO SAM.!!!!!

  7. tomi Stableton says

    I watch u on y&r as Billy abbot and I fellow u at gh u r a good actor but I think Jake doe leave Liz when u fine out that u r Jason Morgan

  8. Rose says

    Just wanted everyone to know that I have been a GH fan for over 30 years. There has been great stories n some not so great but it is a soap and my friends & I enjoyed whatever….but this story line on Jason dragged on for a year and he was really a big part of the past stories….I really like SB as Jason, But Billy Miller will also be a great Jason when the reveal comes. But the wait was way too long and the other story lines (Ava-Denise—Kiki—Franco–Nina) were off the wall…and I ALMOST gave up and was going to turn it off)..Micheal that played John McBain I loved He is a great actor also but they didn’t give him a chance to play to his potential….We need a good police staff and he would have made a great DET. My point …Please shorten the story lines they are WAY to long and we lose interest……after at least 9 months….
    We are Great GH fans and hope the stories will move along a little faster!!!!!!!!

  9. Jeannie Stevens says

    Billy Miller is doing a great job, hoping he stays with GH. Steve is gone, time to move on ppl it what happens in soap land. I don’t like that this is taking so long to break open but looking forward to the reveal. I think it’s a toss between Sonny and Sam for who will be the most affected. Sonny’s not a fan of Jake so there could be some sorta big issue between them that involves Jake getting hurt at Sonny’s hands. Sam will have really settled into her life with the good doctor and the guilt of moving on and learning that so many ppl around her new this secret may hurt her in a way that no one can help. Just my thoughts 🙂

  10. Aileen Perna says

    If they keep dragging this out Billy Miller will be old enough to retire and the rest of us won’t remember sheeeeet due to old age!

  11. Cathy says

    Your character started to grow on me, but I think the unveiling of Jason is too long, and drawn out. Some lose patience with this method, especially since you are just delaying it for the sweeps. Good luck, and I hope to see you on GH for a long time to come.

  12. Michelle T says

    I personally LOVE Billy Miller as Jake Doe and although I haven’t seen him portray “Jason Morgan” yet, I am quite sure I will still love him! I love the life that Billy breathes into this character. From what I can tell via Twitter, most of the “GH fans” that have had a hard time of accepting him as their beloved “Jason” are Jason/Sam fans. Seems to me they’re just more PO’d at the fact that he’s with Elizabeth right now. Honestly, if the viewers didn’t know he was really Jason, they (JaSam fans) really wouldn’t give a damn about Elizabeth and Jake because Sam is with Patrick. Remember him? Dr. Drake? How is all of this going to affect him as well, I wonder. I don’t see anyone pointing a gun to Jake’s head and forcing him to “love” Elizabeth as someone else posted. Jake and Elizabeth had a connection and feelings for each other long before Elizabeth found out the truth about his identity. I don’t agree with her keeping the truth of his identity from him now, but let’s be honest here, it’s a soap opera – there has to be drama to keep the viewers watching and invested in the characters. Besides, put yourself in her shoes and tell me you would come clean if the love of your life was suddenly yours. I imagine you’d definitely think twice about spilling the beans. It’s not like Elizabeth isn’t struggling with the truth every single day either. You can tell – because Rebecca Herbst is a phenomenal actress – that Elizabeth is having a hard time keeping the charade up. I am not looking forward to the fallout when Jake finds out the truth, but Elizabeth is going to be hurt, broken, humiliated, scorned, and mentally beat down not only by Jake/Jason, but by Carly, Sonny, Sam, and Monica when they all find out the truth. I have to say though, this storyline is one of the main reasons I am watching GH regularly these days. I look forward to what’s going to happen down the road with everyone involved. Now, if only we could get some of the other stories on the canvas to be as interesting and get rid of the two-bit, newbie, everyday characters that are hogging up valuable screen time.

  13. Ronny says

    I have watched GH for more years than I care to say (I started watching in the late 60’s)
    But I am a huge fan of Billy Miller. And to those who say they want Steve back – great – > go watch Y&R. Billy Miller is great in this role.

  14. Doris Richardson says

    I loved you as Billy Abbot. I love you as Jake Doe and I’m going to love you more as Jason Morgan. You are the best.

  15. Lil says

    Billy Miller is doing an exceptional job as Jake. As far as the Jason character, even when finally revealed, his experiences this past year will make him different than who he was. So, I am positive that Miller’s performance will continue to be amazing. As for who will be most affected I think it will be Sonny. As I said, Jason’s experiences will make him different from “old” Jason. Sonny will want his best friend back but I don’t think that is going to happen. Even finding out he is a stone cold killer will not make “nuJason” that same killer again. Sonny will feel the loss more than anyone else.

  16. Angie says

    I did have a hard time getting the ” new jake/Jason ” but Iv learned to accept billy he is a GREAT ACTOR !
    I don’t think he will leave Liz. But will be EXTREAMLY upset for all the lies she has kept from him
    Excited for the outcome. The building is awesome. GH is the best.

  17. Renee Wilson-Wright says

    I always thought Jason was far too one dimensional. I love that you are bringing Jason back with a sense of humor, empathy, and a clear sense of right and wrong.

    Clearly, things will be different once the truth comes out, but I hope we see Jason Quartermaine/Jake Doe. Jason Morgan was far too wrapped up in all things Sonny and Carly, and I for one can do without that.

  18. Juliane says

    I think Billy is doing incredibly well right now. People need to give him a chance. I bet he’ll blow people away when he’s finally allowed to play Jason. When the big reveal is here, I hope he’ll not only dump Liz, but finish with her for good. He should never forgive her!

  19. Tracey Daniels says

    I think as Jake, Billy is great, but as Jason, right now, this is not Jason. However, I too want to be fair and I will wait for the great reveal. Still I don’t think Jason is going to leave Elizabeth and I don’t think he will go back to Sam. I’m sorry but that ship has sailed for the both of them.

  20. Tracey Daniels says

    But to tell you the truth, I really don’t want Elizabeth with Jason; Jake, YES; Jason, NO. I want Elizabeth with someone who is going to put her and her children, FIRST. Jason puts nobody first but his guns, Sonny and then Carly. I don’t want Elizabeth back into that mess. Sam ought to be happy she’s well out of it.

  21. lisa edwards says

    i love billy miller i did not like steve burton. i think that sam has alot more chemistry with billy. i do not think that patrick and sam have any chemistry.

  22. Lynn says

    I have no issue with Billy, it is the writing and the s/l. Jake is kind of a boring character to me but it is the material he is given. He just has not done much. I am beyond ready for him to learn he is Jason to see movement on canvas. Liz and Nik’s lies have reminded me of some classic soap villains, it has just gone on too long. The “fun” part of the lies is seeing the fall out during the reveal and it is just taking too long. Looking forward to the reveal and movement but kind of hoping it is sooner than Novemner.

  23. Kelly says

    I like billy but remember u can never replace the original character

  24. Lauren says

    I think it’s obvious Jason and Liz will be done for good when the truth comes out. Thank god for that, they are the most boring couple ever.

  25. Mari says

    I am a JaSam fan. When Jason “died” I was all for Sam finding someone new. I was excited with the Easton pairing at first. But, they made Silas Clay such a boring character it took the sizzle out of KeMo & Easton’s chemistry. When they started pairing her off with Patrick, I liked it. They started out as friends. Regarding Jakeson/Liz — fans would’ve been more accepting if Liz told the truth once she found out. Her keeping the truth will hurt so many people.

  26. kim says

    Billy Miller is doing a great job!

    I think and hope he will leave Liz when he finds out about the lie. JaSam deserve real happiness and they were just getting it when Steve Burton left…so let that storyline continue for a while. I like Rebecca Herbst and always thought her and Patrick would make a good couple like the Hardy’s used to be back in the day.

  27. Kasi Blake says

    I haven’t had a hard time accepting him as Jason. Steve Burton is gone, and people need to get over it. I’ve always been a Billy Miller fan and have no doubt he will do an awesome job. Like he said, so far he’s been playing Jake, not Jason. He has a big challenge coming up with being Jake, Jason Morgan, and Jason Quartermaine. Personally, I think all three personalities will converge and we’ll have yet another Jason. Can’t wait.

  28. Julia M. Diffin says

    I just hope when Jake is revealed as Jason, that he will be more like Jason Quartermaine, and not Jason Morgan. Don’t like the violence on GH.

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