‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Dying Bo Makes Love with Hope, Savors His Last Days – Brady Stuck in Middle of Victor and Theresa’s Feud

'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Dying Bo Makes Love with Hope, Savors His Last Days – Brady Stuck in Middle of Victor and Theresa’s Feud“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Bo (Peter Reckell) will try his best to support Hope (Kristian Alfonso). Bo knows that Hope’s life has been turned upside down and he just wants to be there for her. Hope will need a little more time to make sense of it all, but she’ll slowly begin to recover from the trauma. Unfortunately, another shock is coming soon. DOOL spoilers indicate that Bo will discover he’s dying and he’ll have to find a way to tell Hope.

Though Bo’s days are numbered, he’ll try to make the most of the ones he’s been given. As Bo and Hope reconnect, their attraction and desire will grow. “Days of Our Lives” spoilers tease that they’ll make love as Bo tries to savor every last moment with “Fancy Face.” After their passionate encounter, Bo will muster up the courage to come clean about his condition. It might be the hardest thing Bo has ever had to do. Bo promised he’d never leave Hope again, but now he has no choice. This couple’s happy reunion will quickly turn into a tragic goodbye. Stick with “Days” to see if Hope can endure the heartbreak.

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Across town, we’ll see emotions running high for a different reason. Brady (Eric Martsolf) has finally decided to give into his feelings for Theresa (Jen Lilley). Theresa is over the moon, but Victor (John Aniston) is not on board with this pairing. In other words, Victor thinks Theresa is scum and he wants her out of the mansion pronto. Victor undoubtedly believes Theresa isn’t good enough for Brady. Of course, it seems Victor is forgetting about Brady’s troubled past. They both have baggage, but Brady and Theresa are focused on how they feel right now. Theresa has changed for the better, but Victor doesn’t see it or at least won’t admit it.

Regardless of what Victor thinks, Brady will remain adamant that his love life is none of his granddad’s business. Nevertheless, “Days of Our Lives” spoilers say Brady will once again get stuck in the middle of Victor and Theresa’s feud. It’s tough to believe that Victor will ever really alter his view of Theresa. Brady might threaten to move out with Theresa and Tate if Victor doesn’t show some respect. Will Brady and Theresa get their own place one day? That will probably depend on DOOL’s set budget, but the rumors hint that Theresa and Brady will grow closer wherever they reside. Stay tuned to the NBC soap for updates on this complex relationship.

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So “Days” fans, what do you think about the news that Bo and Hope will make love? Are you glad they’ll get to share a few special moments before Bo passes away? Will Brady lay down the law with Victor? Is there any way Theresa could ever truly win Victor over? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. priscilla comeaux says

    Please, change this outcome, their fans don’t want this kind of ending. No one ever really dies on a soap, bring back Robert Kelker Kelly, he was an awesome Bo, don’t take Bo away from his family again, just because Peter, doesn’t want to play him anymore, please, please, listen to the fans!!

  2. mes1215 says

    I love Bo and think peter is great at playing the role but he isn’t the only one who could do this they should have recast him instead of killing him off why let hope go through the loss of him again and this time for real especially just after they reconnect and why do that to his children Ciara is already having trouble when her dad was gone

  3. Anna says

    U agree it isn’t fair to the fans, like me who have been waiting for Bo to come back to Hope and his family finally, to be killed off because he doesn’t want to stay. Hope has been through a lot and yet it would be a good plot but think about the negative affects it has on fans especially to dedicated fans I know I will be balling like a baby when you guys pull the plug. Please try to come up with other outcomes.

  4. Donna lograsso says

    Why would you bring Bo back after all this time only to have him die I for one will not watch this. This is probably the worst thing that ever has been written into this show!

  5. Dibbee says

    I am not happy about Bo’s outcome. It is a slap in the face to us longtime viewers. In fact, I watched Bo from his very first scene on Days in 1983. Bo and Hope are so iconic to all soap operas, one of the most popular couples ever. It would be easy for him to have plastic surgery and a new actor take his place after that. These two deserve to have their happy ending more than anyone. It really is a terrible thing.

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