‘Days Of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Spoilers: Will Steve Save Bo Brady Before He Is Killed?

'Days Of Our Lives' (DOOL) Spoilers: Will Steve Save Bo Brady Before He Is Killed?“Days of our Lives” spoilers are in; it looks like Steve or err Patch (Stephen Nichols) found the dungeon that Bo (Peter Reckell) was kept and fears that his best friend died before he was moved or escape, according to Soap Opera Digest in the October 19 edition. The clock is ticking, and Patch is running out of time to find Bo alive, and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is about to get remarried.

Not only is Bo in physical danger from those who captured him, but the love of his life, Hope is going to walk down the aisle again to marry the mysterious, Aiden. Patch doesn’t trust him and feels there is something off about him. If that’s not bad enough, his mother Caroline’s health is failing, and she may not make it unless the doctor can find a treatment quickly.

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Bo is not dead; he’s alive, but barely. He was moved to another location because those who captured him feared his loved ones would come looking for him, and they were right. Patch is hot on the trail, but will he get to close and end up going missing as well?

Patch finds the dungeon he was being held in and finds pills crushed in the pavement on the ground. He noted that was something Bo would do if he felt threatened. Upon looking closer at the walls of the room, he finds dried blood, which terrified him. He begins to wonder if Bo is dead. He lingers a little too long because an armed security officer asks him why he was there. He didn’t want to answer any questions about why he was there and decided to take action. He overpowered the guard and ran away.

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Before overpowering the guard he received valuable information from the guard. He learned that Bo is ALIVE, but being tortured for valuable information they think he possesses. He also stumbles upon a camera in the room. He traces the camera to a surveillance room where he finds a video of Bo’s captivity.  He finds a video of Bo being tortured and appeared to be dead, with no sign of life to him. He quickly becomes worried his best friend is not alive. Steve is unaware that Bo was moved to a secret location and is alive- barely. He refuses to give the kidnappers the information they want- no matter how much they torture him.

Patch returns home feeling defeated that Bo was likely dead. He returns to Salem and tells Victor (John Aniston) the depressing news. He told Patch not to share this news with Hope just yet. Will Patch find Bo before it’s too late?

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