‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Serena Tries to Run – Daniel Stops Her, Will Xander Be Killed by Serena or Victor’s Minions?

'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Serena Tries to Run - Daniel Stops Her, Will Xander Be Killed by Serena or Victor’s Minions?

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers tease that Serena (Melissa Archer) will realize that her secret’s about to be discovered. Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is putting the final pieces of the puzzle together and Serena’s going to be in deep trouble. DOOL spoilers say that Nicole will spill everything she knows to Eric (Greg Vaughan) and he’ll finally understand what’s been going on. Naturally, Serena will try to make a run for it. Serena has worked far too hard to let her scheme just blow up in her face. However, “Days” fans knew from the beginning that Serena wouldn’t get away with this. In fact, no one ever really gets away with anything in Salem, especially if he or she is as inept as Serena. Let’s face it: keeping things on the down low is not her forte.

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While Eric is busy trying to rescue Nicole from Xander’s (Paul Telfer) evil grasp, Daniel (Shawn Christian) will confront Serena and let her know she’s not going anywhere. Serena should have gone to Honolulu while she had the chance. Instead of enjoying blue skies and a Hawaiian breeze, Serena may end up sitting in a jail cell wondering how she got herself into this mess. We already know there could be charges for diamond smuggling, but Serena might land in even more hot water. “Days of Our Lives” rumors hint that Xander could be killed off in the near future. Word has it that Xander may come after Serena for foiling his plan and she may kill him in self-defense. It makes sense that Serena would be the one to do the deed. After all, Xander and Serena’s last scenes are scheduled to air sometime later this summer. Why not send them both out with a bang? Some DOOL viewers have been a bit disappointed by the lack of excitement in this storyline. It would be great if the conclusion would sizzle rather than fizzle.

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Of course, it’s also possible that Xander’s death could be Victor’s (John Aniston) doing. Victor has made it clear that he’s not too keen on Xander. It’s tough to say why Victor gives Xander such a hard time. It seems no one can measure up to the golden boy, Daniel. Maybe Victor will get wind of Xander’s recent actions and decide to send one of his minions to quietly get rid of the problem. Whatever happens, the future looks bleak for Xander. Stay tuned to “Days of Our Lives” to see if Xander will bite the dust.

So “Days” fans, what do you think about the news that Serena will try to get out of town? When Daniel gets updates on Serena’s secret, will he turn her in? Will Serena kill Xander in self-defense or could Victor have a hand in his possible death? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy tomorrow for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. Divnanata says

    I am royally p#ssed. Xander is one of the most exciting characters to ever appear obvious show. Why on earth does anyone need to kill him. This show is so over for me if Xander dies. I could give a flip about returning vets.

    1. elm says

      paul telfer (zander) tweeted on 5/1915 that he had left dool & will be seen until around the end of august…………………i hope they don’t kill him either so he can come back some time in the future…….

      1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

        I hope he comes back I do not like his character much but he is a brilliant actor!

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