‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Casting Call Points to SORAS for Joey and Theo – New Producers Hope to Shake Things Up

'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers Casting Call Points to SORAS for Joey and Theo - New Producers Hope to Shake Things Up

Days of Our Lives‘ spoilers hint that DOOL fans can expect major changes as the show moves forward. Dena Higley and Josh Griffith recently replaced Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell as head writers on the NBC soap and it seems more shakeups are in the works. According to Soap Opera Digest, a “Days” spokesperson says that co-executive producer, Lisa de Cozette, will be replaced by director and producer Albert Alarr.

Janet Spellman-Rider will also serve a role as producer. After months of struggling in the ratings, it seems the network execs have decided to breathe new life into DOOL in a big way. Even ‘Days of Our Lives’ star Drake Hogestyn, who plays John Black, has taken note of the shift on set. Drake recently tweeted “Clouds are lifting! Gary, Chris & Lisa…out! Dina, Josh & Albert…in! Energy on set is through the roof!” Drake also used the hashtag “#staytuned” and included a picture of a sunny sky filled with parting clouds.

Drake Hogestyn DOOL tweet

While Drake seems excited about the changes, other cast members may be a little worried about what’s next for their characters. After the previous writers dropped the ball on Jordan’s (Chrishell Stause) storyline, Stause was let go and her last scenes air this month. Now that new writers and producers have taken over, they may be looking for a fresh start on DOOL. That means more characters could get the boot, especially with the rumors of budget cuts for all four daytime dramas. Time will tell who stays and who goes, but there will almost certainly be a few actors dropped from the payroll.

Still, there will be at least a little hiring to offset the firing. Daytime Confidential is reporting that “Days” recently put out a casting call for two teenage boys. Word has it that both Joey (rarely played by Jadon Wells) and Theo (occasionally played by Terrell Ransom, Jr.) could be SORASed to help the show appeal to younger viewers. Many DOOL watchers have complained that current teen characters like Paige (True O’Brien) are too bland and can’t connect with the audience. Perhaps the new kids on the block can turn things around. We can only hope that all these changes won’t mean growing pains for “Days of Our Lives” in the near future.

So “Days” fans, what do you think about the news that DOOL will be forging ahead with new producers and head writers? Are you worried about the changes or excited about what’s to come? Which characters would you like to see leave Salem and which ones do you think should stick around? Let us know what you think in the comments below don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors and news.

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  1. michelle says

    Eve Paige Ben Theresa should leave dick of Thetesa & the other 3 are boring actors I FF when there on. If u have to kerp Will pleade replace him he us awful

  2. Samara S says

    I think they should let go of Brady, Teresa ,Jordan ,Jj ,Abilgal ,Eve ,Jenifer and melohead Melody and Serena oh and Dan William I cant stand him I cant stand to see his ugly face he is so nasty looking and these people are so boring.. and I really don’t watch when they are on..

  3. Susan says

    I am finally loving the Theresa, Melanie, Brady storyline. They have finally allowed Theresa to blossom as a character and I hope they don’t squash it. But true to Days, they always leave the really good storylines and room for amazing acting to happen just before they ax a character. Very sad. After three decades of watching Days, this repetitive nature is irritating and thankful to DVR because I can go a week without watching and not feel bad. Watching daily is an annoyance as I feel I’m watching my favourite show implode. Serena and Eric storyline is lack lustre at best. There is no chemistry between the two actors. I’m sure the woman who plays Serena is great, but the way the character is written, she’s just flat. I never thought I’d say this, as I was a super Jen fan, but I want her to leave. She was great when it was her and Jack, that chemistry, the storylines always kept me watching. Now she’s a whiny, poor me woman and a helicopter parent. She sends her kids off to boarding school, etc, and now suddenly at 19+ she has to have her nose in every faucet of their lives? Also how self absorbed that everything is about everyone after her. *eyeroll* I’m thankful Jordan is leaving only because they butchered the storyline. I’d personally love to see Ben go too. I’m sure the actor is great, but he doesn’t have the same on screen chemistry with the actress who plays Abigail as the original Ben did. All their scenes seem forced. I want Will to leave. This actor, I’m sorry may be good, he is terrible in this role. I’m all into giving those actors/actresses who take over well known roles chances, but he has never managed to fill the big shoes Chandler Massey left behind. Add in where the writers took their storyline and kaboom! The Clyde storyline needs to go too. I know they want to include Victor more, but no. There was so much undeveloped, so much creepiness behind him. The whole thing has the darkest, seediest undertone that I have ever experienced on the soap and it is just disturbing. I expect it from night time t.v. and won’t watch, not from daytime television. These writers are also doing what happened with Jan and Sean and all of them years ago. They have a potential to bring the kids into their own while not totally eliminating the older cast, yet they make them 2 dimensional, stupid, non relatable and looking like fillers when they need to drag out another story arc. Even JJ, Paige, etc are looking like that, and they have screen time. They have butchered this opportunity so badly. And we wonder why people would rather watch talk television as opposed to soaps, saying soaps are trashy. I find talk television worse, but at least, it’s relatable, not two dimensional, even if it’s the same thing you saw or heard on another channel or station just an hour prior.

    I hope they can salvage more people than they cut. I thought the whole idea of Sami, EJ, and most of their brood leaving was to have a budget for better story lines and new fresh faces. sigh.

  4. Kim Hall says

    Samara, if you don’t like these characters then why do you watch? So you want the show to be dull and boring? It makes me think that your life is dull and boring. There are more fans that like these characters then hate them. I have yet to see anyone nasty looking on the show. Like I said before if you can’t watch half of the cast then STOP WATCHING!! That way the true DOOL fans can talk in peace about the show without your negativity.

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