‘Days Of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Interview: Mary Beth Evans And Stephen Nichols Discuss Kayla And ‘Patch’ Over The Years – First Love Scene!

'Days Of Our Lives' (DOOL) Interview: Mary Beth Evans And Stephen Nichols Discuss Kayla And 'Patch' Over The Years - First Love Scene!“Days of Our Lives” (DOOL) has reason to celebrate – November 8th will officially mark the NBC daytime drama’s 50th anniversary. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady Johnson) and Stephen Nichols (Steve “Patch” Johnson) share their memories – especially the days they spent together as one of “Days of Our Lives” super couples.  The two stars recently sat down for an interview about the “Days of Our Lives” 50th anniversary special with Glamour Magazine. Stephen and Mary Beth  talked about their auditions, favorite storylines, and their very first love scene. The interview provided some interesting revelations!

Nichols explained that the role of Steve Johnson was supposed to be a recurring. The casting director for “Days of Our Lives” contacted the actor and asked if he’d be interested in playing a guy who wore a patch over one eye, carried a knife – and acted crazy. This guy was supposed to ride into Salem, cause a bunch of trouble for Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) and then leave town. A few weeks after the audition [producer] Shelley Curtis approached Stephen and said “DOOL” wanted to put him on contract. “That’s how it went down,” Nichols revealed.

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Mary Beth Evans divulged that when she came to audition for the role of Kayla Brady she hadn’t really been watching the show. Meeting Stephen – and his character Steve – for the first time caught her off-guard. “There was Stephen in his leather jacket with his scar and patch, and I was this goody-two shoes.” But the two had instant chemistry during their first screen test – even though Evans thought her audition had gone poorly and was afraid she would have to get another waitressing job!

Asked what their favorite storylines have been over the years Nichols simply replied, “When Kayla first came on the show. When Mary Beth arrived, that storyline was just so good.” For Evans it was when Steve and Kayla had a baby. “That was a sweet time,” Mary Beth recalled.

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And the most interesting revelation may have been regarding the first time Kayla and Patch made love. Mary Beth Evans dished that she was at least six months pregnant at the time and a body double was needed for some scenes. Stephen chimed in, “They got a really good double! She was built like Mary Beth and was so much like her, but just not pregnant.” Mary Beth explained that she was pregnant in real life twice during her initial run on the soap opera. “In fact, there was a memo sent from Al Rabin that said, “Attention: Mary Beth is very pregnant. Please do not shoot Kayla below the bustline.”

What – if anything – did each actor take with them – what memorabilia – when they left the show at various times over the years? Nichols said he took Patch’s tank tops because he had brought them all from home! He also took all the patches because those had been custom -made, “And I thought I should have them.” Some of the patches Stephen auctioned for charity. He also kept a leather jacket – but he asked if he could have it.  Mary Beth didn’t take anything – because if she were ever fired she wanted to be able to walk out without asking anyone to help carry things.

“Days of Our Lives” actors Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans are excited to share the upcoming 50th anniversary with fans. Many veteran actors have returned to for the celebration – and some may even stay around Salem after the festivities are over.

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