Bryan Craig and Kelly Thiebaud to Answer Fan Questions and Reveal Juicy Secrets #GH

Bryan Craig and Kelly Thiebaud

Have you ever wondered about the antics on set of your favorite soap opera? If you’d love to know what kind a secrets the stars who portray your favorite characters have, you have a chance to find out. Bryan Craig, who plays Morgan, and Kelly Thiebaud, who portrayed Britt, will be sharing the juicy details of General Hospital.

On Friday, February 20, at 8:00 p.m. ET, Craig and Theibaud will be participating a special webcam chat session. The program will last half an hour, and fans can ask questions, watch the discussion, and join in. Fans have two days to purchase a ticket via for about $6.

What questions would you ask GH fans? What do you hope they confess?

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