B&B Spoilers: Brooke Stuns Bill With Love Confession and a Kiss – Rejects Job Offer

B&B Spoilers: Brooke Stuns Bill With Love Confession and a Kiss - Rejects Job OfferB&B spoilers reveal that an all-new love triangle is heating up between Brooke Logan [Katherine Kelly Lang], Bill Spencer [Don Diamont] and Katie Logan [Heather Tom]. Will the two sisters end up in a cat fight over the sexy publishing magnate?

Here’s what to look forward to with this upcoming storyline launching the week of December 28. First, we’ve all seen Brooke looking really mopey because she’s alone this holiday season. Eric Forrester [John McCook] has tried to pull her out of her funk, but Brooke is just plain lonely.

Katie is concerned about her big sis and shares her concerns with hubby Bill – they will make Brooke a job offer to try and get her out and feeling less alone. But it’s not a job at Eye on Fashion that Brooke has her eye on – it’s her little sister’s hubby.

Unwitting Katie sends Bill to try and talk Brooke into taking the position but Brooke tells Bill that she can’t share office space with him because he’s still taking up space in her heart. Bill will be stunned at the love admission then doubly stunned when Brooke plants a lip lock on him.

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Bill doesn’t immediately get passionate in return with Brooke, but the kiss clearly has an effect. Bill has always cared about Brooke – they shared an epic love at one point – but with his marriage to Katie, he’s pushed down any romantic feelings he had for her sister.

But Brooke’s admission and the sizzle of that kiss will bring it all back to the surface. Brooke has been denying her feelings for Bill for a long time, but they never went away. She just didn’t dwell on them out of respect for Katie. But now, Brooke can’t and won’t deny them any longer.

Brooke and Bill will end the kiss moments before Katie walks in so she’s clueless about the canoodling of her sister and husband. Katie showed up to throw in her influence with Bill’s to try and convince Brooke to take the job.

Katie will wear down Brooke and finally convince her to come work at the fashion mag – but Katie has no idea that giving her sister this opportunity could cost her everything! Will working side by side with Bill be too much temptation for Brooke?

We know Bill has had deep feelings for Brooke in the past, but then he chose Katie. And Brooke gave up on Bill in favor of Katie. But will being at each other’s side day in and day out bring all those former feelings to the forefront?

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Will we soon see Bill and Brooke engaged in monkey business as well as publishing business at the office? Will Katie see what’s going on and put a stop to it? Or will it be too late by the time Katie figures it out and Brooke already has her claws in her man?

What do you think B&B fans, do you think Bill will stray with Brooke? Who would you rather see Bill with – Brooke or Katie? Share your comments below and be sure and check back with Soap Opera Spy often for ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ spoilers, news and more.

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  1. Maggie Ames says

    I’d rather see Bill with Steffy…

  2. beckyhagerman says

    Bill should be with Katie!They are soulmates and belong together. Brooke should be with Eric, Ridge or alone. I had hoped we were finished with this Brill nonsense. Hearing stallion noises make me sick. And what kind of sister is the slut from the valley? I hope Katie wipes the floor with her!

  3. pam says

    Brooke! Brill has Chemistry where as Batie is Boring!

  4. tonya says


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