‘B&B’ News: Heather Tom Shares She And Her Hubby Hiked 40 Miles With Son On Their Back

'B&B' News: Heather Tom Shares She And Her Hubby Hiked 40 Miles With Son On Their Back“B&B” Heather Tom has a bit of an adventurous side and explored it with her growing family this year. Heather and her husband, James participated in a 40-mile, four-day hike in the Rocky Mountains earlier in the year, reported CBS Soaps in Depth. And, that’s not all—They did it with her two-year-old son, Zane in tow. It seems like quite an adventure, even for a bonafide soap opera queen.

Heather Tom may be known for her role of Katie on “B&B,” but a few months ago she took up another challenge. She decided to hike 40 miles with her husband and tot on her back. Thinking about the planning involved ensuring the trip was a success, makes even the most organized person anxious. Heather lived to talk about it and is downright proud of herself for taking time out to spend time with nature.

Heather Tom explained they carried her toddler on their back in a backpack style carrier, along with the day packs of everything they needed in the day. She explained that The Footpaths of the World carried the rest of their gear from stop to stop. It helped them a great deal, especially traveling with such a young child.

Heather Tom noted they didn’t sleep outside, though. “We did it in a way that we could stay at an inn at night, and then hike to our next destination. It was perfect for us,” Heather revealed. Tom explained that the trip company packed all your gear for you and transported it from place to place so you don’t have to figure out how to hike and move the gear.

Heather took gorgeous pictures along the way, posting them to social media. She explained that the pictures didn’t reflect the true beauty of the scenery. Heather said she felt one with nature while she was hiking, and it was something she had always wanted to do. “There are very few places in the world where you can be out of communication with loved ones, and feel connected to the world. These are one of those places, and it was just what I needed,” Heather explained.

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