‘B&B’ Interview: Thorsten Kaye Discusses Working And Living On Opposite Coasts, Reveals Funniest ‘B&B’ Co-Star

'B&B' Interview: Thorsten Kaye Discusses Working And Living On Opposite Coasts, Reveals Funniest 'B&B' Co-Star “B&B” superstar Thorsten Kaye [Ridge Forrester] sat down with Soap Opera Digest for a short interview. In the chat, Kaye revealed his favorite past time on a plane, how he spends his free time, and who can make him laugh on the set.

 Kaye has stated in a few interviews that he travels each week from New York [home] to Los Angeles to film “B&B.”  In one interview, he implied the traveling was becoming to be a hassle, and many fans wondered if he was considering leaving the soap opera. Thorsten explained when he is in L.A. he misses his family terribly, but when he is New York, all he can think about is missing the money he makes while working in L.A.

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Thorsten’s favorite past time on a plane is trying to get free beers. The ‘B&B’ star said that he traveled so often that the flight attendants know him by name. Sometimes, he can get a free beer or two if he is lucky. “It’s like a game to see if you can have two or three beers, and hope they’ll charge you for one,” Thorsten laughed.

Kaye stated every Sunday, he watched a football game—usually Miami Dolphins—and hopes they can pull off a win. He noted that he had been a fan of the Dolphins for years, even though lately supporting the Miami team isn’t easy. Thorsten was also asked by Soap Opera Digest which co-star can make him laugh. Kaye stated John McCook had a great sense of humor and keeps him on his toes on the set. “John doesn’t tell jokes exactly. He tells you something that you will only catch if you really listen to him. I love him,” Thorsten explained. He praised John for being a soft-spoken and gentle soul.

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Thorsten Kaye has another big year planned moving in 2016—with many twists and secret revealed in his convoluted storyline. Bradly Bell promised Thomas Forrester [Pierson Fode] will find out that he is the father of Caroline’s [Linsey Godfrey] baby. Do you think Ridge will eventually spill the news to Thomas in a heated exchange?

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  1. Ramona says

    Think it’s a bad ideal for Thomas to found out right now…unless Ridge will have a one on one with his son…regarding the night Thomas take advantage of Carolina at here lower and emotion time…sense Steffyvhas mess her future up with reporter’s and pop rocks, been arresting for break the protection order from Ivy…it’s going to bring scandle distrust for the stock holds..which I think the Forrester Creation will not won’t additional drama with Thomas in behavior ethics as working within an well established empire as Forrester Creation… therefore, hopeful Ridge will make it very clear to Thomas to keep his distance from Carolina and it’s best to send him back to Paris along with Steffy Monroe and don’t return… Unless talk it over with him… Carolina! Don’t need stress during her early time of pregnancy and that baby really need security’s and real unconditional love from Ridge and Carolina..Thomas just isn’t grown up to be a daddy… something Ridge said and that was Thomas acting like a little boy…. and my opinion him been a father won’t change that…. this storyline to the views watching is learn from your action’s and grown up or face the seriously consequences of wrong choice of action’s!!!

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