Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn & Kody Brown Allows In-House Filming?

The Sister Wives spoilers suggest that Robyn and Kody Brown will allow in-house filming. During Season 18, the couple was criticized for not allowing the camera crew into their home.

They made Meri Brown sit outside in the cold when they filmed with her. But that could change. Read on to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Why Are Robyn And Kody Brown Hiding?

The Sister Wives spoilers suggest that Robyn and Kody Brown are hiding something from the TLC producers. They insisted on filming in the outdoors.

Fans wanted to know why they never allowed cameras into their house. There were numerous theories as to why they insisted on filming outdoors.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn & Kody Brown Allows In-House Filming?Some SW fans wondered if Kody and Robyn were fighting more than usual. They didn’t want to invite the cameras into their own and capture one of their fights.

Other fans think the reason why they didn’t allow in-house filming was because of their alleged shopping addiction. The couple is known for spending more money than they claim to have.

The Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers reveal that Meri had to stand outside in the cold weather. She looked uncomfortable.

There were rare glimpses into Kody and Robyn Brown’s home. They shared their Christmas morning and new artwork.

Sister Wives Season 19 Spoilers – In-House Filming Required?

Once again, Sister Wives fans are wondering if Robyn and Kody will allow in-house filming in Season 19. This question was brought up on Reddit.

The OP asked if the couple would be required to film in their house. They no longer have an excuse to speak to Meri outside.

“If they still want to be on the show, don’t you think they need to film at home? I mean where else could they film…the mall?…outside their house? I don’t see another option. Or just drop them and make a show about life after polygamy with the OG wives only,” the OP asked.

One fan argued: “Even in the first season we don’t see a ton of filming in Robyn’s Utah house.”

A second fan wrote: “They will be on their porch filming.” A third user suggested: “They’ll just film them at their second home: the Chandler Mall.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Kody and Robyn Brown will allow in-house filming in Season 19? Where do you think they’ll film? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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