Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Isn’t Christine Brown Using Her Married Name?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown married David Woolley last October. However, Christine is still using the Brown name instead of legally changing her name to Woolley. Why hasn’t Christine used David’s name? Is this a professional or personal issue?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Taking The Necessary Steps

According to PEOPLE, Christine is taking the steps needed to take on David’s last name.

Christine shared in a joint interview with David, “I like the idea of having the last name Woolley. I haven’t done it yet because I have to change my passport, too, and we’re in the middle of traveling.” The couple has more travel plans and has to wait until they have a break to change everything.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Isn’t Christine Brown Using Her Married Name?Christine assures everyone that she really likes the idea of being a Woolley and cannot wait to begin using her married name.

Fans may wonder if this bothers David, who married Christine four months ago but he assures people that he isn’t insecure. David knows who Christine is and if they have to wait to change her name, that is fine.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Will Still Be Her Public Identity

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that Christine announced to Entertainment Tonight in November 2023 that she would be taking David’s last name.

However, she will still be known as Christine Brown publically. In Christine’s way of thinking, it really doesn’t matter. However, she wants to honor all of her experiences and that is what she plans to do.

Christine told PEOPLE, “I just like the idea of [it] since we’re just starting new and starting fresh. I really like that idea. But I am known by Christine Brown, as well, so I’ll keep that name too because I want to honor my whole journey. And that is the last name, Brown as well. I think keeping that publicly is just a good way to honor that as well.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Seems Happy

Christine was the first one of the wives to leave Kody Brown after 25 years of polygamy. Now, Christine has found her soulmate and is happily married to him.

Christine and David’s family seems to have blended well and her children accept David as the man their mother loves. David seems to get along with all of the children very well.

Once Christine has time to take care of business, surely she will get her name changed as she plans. For now, Christine is still David’s wife and soulmate no matter what name she is using at the moment.

Hopefully, Christine and David are enjoying their travels and will get to see some amazing sights. We wish them all of the happiness in the world.

Be sure to check back for all of your Sister Wives news spoilers, and updates. Sister Wives can be seen streaming on Max and Discovery +.

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