Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody And Robyn Problems Worsen, Is Divorce Imminent?

Kody Brown has recently found himself in a monogamous relationship after more than 30 years of polygamy. Now it seems that Kody and Robyn Brown’s problems are getting worse and could lead to a fourth divorce. Is the former polygamist about to find himself alone for the first time since he was 22?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Suggests A Possible Divorce

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that Kody’s former wife, Janelle Brown, who left after 30 years of marriage, suggests that Kody and Robyn could be headed for divorce considering certain circumstances.

Robyn came into the marriage wanting plural marriage, not monogamy. Kody, however, has decided that polygamy just doesn’t work for him anymore.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody And Robyn Problems Worsen, Is Divorce Imminent?Kody even says he couldn’t have another lover because he could never love her as much as he does Robyn. Robyn may not be on board with Kody’s decision.

If Kody and Robyn were to divorce, unlike the other wives, Robyn would be a legal spouse and be entitled to half of Kody’s assets as well as child support.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Started The Split

Christine Brown was the first to leave the family when she exited in Season 17 after over 25 years of marriage in 2021.

Kody had told her he no longer wanted an intimate relationship with her and Christine felt there was no reason for them to stay together. Janelle Brown followed, leaving the family in 2022.

Meri Brown was the last of the original wives to exit when she left Kody after years of being strung along by him. Kody would act as though he might reconcile with Meri only to blame Christine in the end for that not happening.

The same Christine he blamed for not marrying a former girlfriend he claims to have dated before her.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Marriage To Robyn Brown Started The Downfall

As much as Kody likes to deny it, It is obvious that his decision to marry Robyn and bring in a new wife after 16 years I exactly what began the downfall of his family.

Both Christine and Janelle pointed out that Kody showed favoritism to Robyn even before they were married. Kody continued to do so ever since.

Kody admits that Robyn is the only one of his wives that he fell in love with. This is after years of claiming that he loved his other three wives as well.

Now either Robyn must get used to being in a monogamous relationship or leave Kody for another plural family. Will Robyn and Kody divorce because this isn’t what she signed up for?

Keep checking back for all of your Sister Wives news and spoilers. Sister Wives can be seen streaming on Discovery + and Max.

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