Sister Wives Meri Brown Married To Amos Reveals Jenn During Livestream

Sister Wives star, Meri Brown has caused quite the stir since her most recent livestream. Meri, 53 and her best friend Jenn, have a live weekly segment on Instagram where they laugh and joke as well as chat about different things going on in their lives right now. However, this week’s episode was special because it centered around a Utah man named Amos, Meri’s new boyfriend.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Hasn’t Shared Updates

Meri hasn’t shared any new updates on her social media yet, However, according to her last update, things seem to be going pretty well for them. Meri talked about how both of them love Christmas and her dog, Zona, adores him.

Meri and Amos have been together since October, last year. Meri has accepted the fact that Amos has been married several times and even filed bankruptcy.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Married To Amos Reveals Jenn During LivestreamMeri says she kept their relationship private and just focused on them getting to know each other. Meri is reportedly okay with his past and doesn’t question it.

Of course, this is certainly a sign that Meri has moved on from Kody Brown and is getting on with her life. Something fans truly wanted to see after the way Kody strung her along for years.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans React To Livestream Debut

In Meri’s recent “Fridays With Friends’ episode, she decided to let Amos make his debut. This decision made the episode a bit more interesting.

Jenn welcomed Amos to “the land of no privacy” and even warned him to be careful how he chose his words. It seems that Amos captured the hearts of several fans. However, some took to Redditt with their opinions as well.

One fan shared, “I loved the Friday with Friends tonight. Amos seems like a great guy. Meri is not usually a person I like but I definitely saw a lighter fun side of her on her IG live with him & her friend Jen.”

Another fan’s observation, “I absolutely cracked up. They were hilarious. Meri is absolutely glowing. You can tell Meri is an affectionate person, and so I’m happy for her that she has a man that’s all hers that she can be affectionate with.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Did Jenn Play Matchmaker?

Fans assume that Jenn played matchmaker and introduced Meri and Amos. However, Jenn says, “No, this one was all on them!

They married each other happily, and that makes me happy!” Fans were excited by these comments but Jenn later revealed that the married comment was a joke.

However, fans are thrilled that Meri is in a relationship and is happy after all the turmoil of the past decade with Kody. Fans can’t wait to see where this relationship goes and wish Meri and Amos all the best.

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