Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown’s Fans Come To Her Rescue After Horrible Allegations

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown’s fans are ready to show her a lot more love ever since there were allegations that came against her and her new husband, David Woolley. When the two of them shared their wedding with the world, there were some terrible allegations that came out. Let’s find out what was said and why Christine’s fans are suddenly standing up for her.

Sister Wives Spoilers  – Shocking Allegations

When Christine and David shared their Airbnb in Moah, Utah, they began to get a lot of hate.

Her fans noticed that when they did a search for the location, this rental is only for the experienced renters and the price was incredibly high.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown's Fans Come To Her Rescue After Horrible AllegationsEven though Christine continues to put on such a cheerful disposition, she has recently started to get a lot of backlash. However, with all of the allegations and hate, her fans have been standing up for her no matter what.

Not only did Christine get hate for the Airbnb, but recently, she shared a post where she used music by R. Kelly.

Her fans were quick to chime in about how terrible R. Kelly is and how she shouldn’t promote his music. Of course, she didn’t let this bother her, but her fans were up in arms about the haters.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Clap Back

As soon as Christine’s fans read all of the hate that she and David have received, they were quick to jump to her aid. Most of the criticism she received was about her choice in using R.Kelly’s music on her posts.

One of her fans wrote,”Some people can remove his good songs from his terrible deeds. But aside from that, let that woman live! Y’all want the tea on this family, but every time there’s a new post, y’all pounce like cheetahs.”

This wasn’t the first fan to stand up for Christine. Others showed their love and defended her and her choice to use any music she wanted.

Her die hard fans wrote about how meaningful this song was to Christine and she should have every right to play it if she loves it.

She hasn’t really stood up for the choices that R. Kelly has made, so they feel it’s perfectly fine for her to use it because of the lyrics.

No matter what Christine does, she generally doesn’t get too much backlash, but now it looks as if there are some haters following her.

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