“Sister Wives”: Meri Brown Updates Fans On Her Personal Growth Journey & Relationship With Her Former ‘Wives’

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently opened up during the Rachel Uchitel podcast, talking about her breakup with Kody Brown, their marriage, her “sister wives”, and the recent passing of Garrison Brown.

She’s been through quite a journey and has come a long way since she and Kody announced their split in January 2023, and she offered an update on the direction her life is moving towards.

“Sister Wives” Spoilers Meri Brown Talks Being Cordial To Her Former ‘Sister Wives’

Meri talks about her relationships with Janelle Brown and Christine Brown, both of whom have now split from Kody, as well as Robyn Brown who’s still married to him.

“Sister Wives”: Meri Brown Updates Fans On Her Personal Growth Journey & Relationship With Her Former ‘Wives’She states, “When I see them we have cordial conversations, but I don’t seek them out to have a relationship,”

While Meri didn’t speak negatively about the trio during the podcast, she didn’t exactly gush over them either. She notes that she has many things she’s working on and the importance of being surrounded by individuals that encourage this self-growth.

She adds, “Sometimes people are just in your life for a season and it’s okay to let them go. If the relationship is not reciprocal and it’s not building me up or building them up, it’s okay not to force it.”

“Sister Wives” Spoilers –  Meri Brown’s New Beginning

Brown recently launched Worthy Up, a new company based on a motto she’s tried to pass on to social media users for a while now. She states she’s focusing on feeling better about herself and aims to try and help others to do the same.

Meri notes, “It’s taken me a minute to realize, like, that’s okay …” (when it comes to the distance between her and her former wives, adding, “I think for a lot of years, I was like, ‘wait a second, we’re a family, we need to really stick together.’”

She also broke down over the end of the big “Brown” family, comparing the family split to death. During the podcast, she states her feelings were “real”, but when the topic of Kody and Robyn opening their marriage to new women, she reveals, “I highly doubt they will. I’ve heard him say it. I highly doubt that that would ever happen. I think they are very happy together.”

“Sister Wives” Spoilers – Meri Brown On Losing Garrison Brown

Most fans know that Garrison Brown, son of Janelle and Kody, passed away in March of this year from suicide. Meri states during the podcast that, “There’s still times that I’ll see a picture of Garrison and I’ll be like, ‘Awww. I don’t like that this happened.’ It’s really sad, you know? I feel so much for Janelle. I watched my mom lose two of her own kids before she passed… it’s tragic.”

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