GH Spoilers: Are Ava And Valentin Bound To Join Forces — And Then Some?

General Hospital Spoilers: Are Ava And Valentin Bound To Join Forces — And Then Some?General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest Ava Jerome (Maura West) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) haven’t crossed paths in many moons, but the fans are relishing the opportunity that these two might link up for some mutually beneficial sabotage — targeting none other than Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), of course.

Ava is currently keeping it to herself that Sonny isn’t being properly medicated for Bipolar Disorder.

General Hospital Spoilers — Ploy To Run Sonny Off The Rails

Rumor has it the charming Cassadine is going to make a move in Ava’s direction soon since he has already put together her involvement and suspicion about what’s going on. Having to zero in on the problem and co-opt Ava isn’t something Valentin is terribly concerned about.

It’s not as though he has to convince someone with strong morals to remain on his side, and it works to his advantage that Ava hasn’t told Sonny the truth so far.

GH Spoilers — Valentin Makes His Move

Valentin has been biding his time to ensure that when he moves toward Ava’s direction, he’ll know exactly how he’s going to manipulate her situation to his advantage.

He likely suspects that Ava is already willing to betray Sonny, or she would have told him the truth as soon as she figured it out.

Instead, she has been sitting on this secret and presumably using it to work her own agenda.

Can Valentin make that dovetail with his own in a way that appeals enough to Ava to bring her fully over to his dark side?

General Hospital Spoilers — Ava Digs Herself A Hole with Pikeman

Ava may welcome the insider knowledge from Valentin that he knows who orchestrated this attack on Sonny’s mental health.

That being said, she could play cat and mouse with him a bit and deliberate over using what she knows to align with Sonny instead of Valentin.

That being said, Valentin’s help in taking Sonny down could spell full custody for Ava. She could also stand to gain a whole lot more if she can convince Sonny to marry her in the meantime, thereby leaving her to scoop up his wealth when he’s carted off to prison.

But little does Ava realize, by going all in with Valentin, she’ll be going all in with Pikeman — and it’s not likely she’ll get out from under that thumb easily after she’s compromised and needs their cover to keep herself off of Sonny’s radar.

GH Spoilers —  The Hole She Digs with Sonny Will Be Deeper

Indeed, jumping into bed with Pikeman is certain to resolidify the well-recognized war that once waged between Ava and Sonny. Even as co-parents, they couldn’t keep it together well for years.

Now that they’re getting along swimmingly, Ava may not want to rock that boat. At the same time, Valentin could charm the pants off of her — and quite literally. Will a joint alliance between Ava and Valentin spur more than just taking down Sonny?

Could this be the next romance on the horizon for the both of them? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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