Sister Wives: Brown Family Cashes In On Family Secrets

Sister Wives fans learned that the Brown family is cashing in on their family secrets. Kody Brown is responsible for making them famous. However, he might be concerned that some of their darkest secrets are coming out. His kids are using the family name to make money. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Delivers On Drama

Kody Brown wanted to educate Americans about polygamy. He brought his family on the TLC platform over a decade ago. Kody’s goal was to normalize polygamy.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Kody lost three wives over the years. He lost out on his dreams of having a large family. The patriarch also became the mockery of his family.

Sister Wives: Brown Family Cashes In On Family SecretsSister Wives ended up as a hit. Viewers were curious to see what would happen to the family, especially their kids. Some fans argued that Kody and his family are ordinary.

The family wouldn’t have been given a show if they weren’t polygamists. Kody had to find a way to deliver the drama.

He didn’t get along with three of his wives. Kody Brown spent most of his time with Robyn, especially at the height of the pandemic.

Most Sister Wives fans claim the seasons were highly edited to cause drama. Kody’s wives even admitted that some of the scenes were edited to make situations look dramatic.

The Brown family didn’t always show what happened. Some fans didn’t realize this until the show aired for several seasons.

Little by little, they started to bring their walls down. Some fans witnessed things they had never seen before.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Cashing In On Brown Family Secrets

Kody Brown’s family members are giving away family secrets for a price. If that’s what you want to call them. One of the biggest reveals was about Meri Brown. One of the adult kids admitted that she was a terrible mom. She wasn’t safe to be around when they were younger.

Robyn and Kody attempted to rehab their image. Sister Wives fans noticed they’re working with a PR firm. But some fans claim that PR isn’t going to save them from the mess that was Season 18.

Some of their kids revealed this information. They have a Patreon where they share some of the Brown family secrets.

Kody Brown didn’t expect this to happen one day. But if he was a better father to his kids, he wouldn’t have to worry about this.

What are your thoughts on the kids cashing in on the Brown family secrets? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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