Princess Kate Likely Surrounded By Old Friends As She Recovers From Surgery

The Princess of Wales is said to be surrounded by a tight network of friends and family as she recovers from the abdominal surgery which she underwent sometime in January.

Even though there’s been no news of her progress and fans are getting reasonably worried as a result of this, it’s been revealed that she means to return to royal duties following the Easter holidays and there’s been no news saying otherwise.

Princess Kate Chose To Recover At This Royal Location For This Reason

The Princess of Wales is currently recovering at Adelaide Cottage, with her mom occasionally there to help her with the kids and provide any necessary help that might be needed as she continues to mend.

Princess Kate Likely Surrounded By Old Friends As She Recovers From Surgery

Speaking to OK! about the role Kate’s mom and friends would likely be playing in her recovery, Jennie Bond said, “I’m sure these old friends would know exactly how to keep Kate’s spirits up after such major surgery.”

“They have probably pampered her with fabulous gifts of luxurious spa products and hampers of delicious goodies to tempt her tastebuds. They know what she might like to watch on TV or to read, and may have been sending recommendations and encouraging her to rest and take the time out she needs.”

Kate has longtime friends from either her mates from school or those she got from William’s crowd.

Bond added: “But sometimes, your oldest friends – who’ve been with you through thick and thin – are just the ticket. Kate has maintained deep friendships with several of her school mates, who obviously knew her way before royalty came her way, so they’ll know just how to help.”

Apart from having friends and a family that are happy to jump in and help her through the process, her loving husband William remains as a beacon of strength to her.

“Kate has also forged strong friendships with many of William’s crowd, and they will all have been offering practical help – particularly with the children – as William juggles his work commitments with his priority of caring for his wife and family.”

Whilst we haven’t learned anything new about Kate’s surgery and whether it’s a life-changing one, Bond pointed out the significance of the Princess making the trip to Sandringham over the halftime holiday, calling it an “encouraging” sign.

Bond said: “It’s very encouraging that Kate was well enough to make the trip to Sandringham. It shows that she is making a steady recovery.”

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