Prince Harry’s “Embellished” Memoir Cannot Stand In Court, Lawyer Argues

Prince Harry's “Embellished” Memoir Cannot Stand In Court, Lawyer Argues“Spare” may be a memoir, but that doesn’t mean it’s “wholly truthful” – see what I did there?
Anyway, Harry’s visa is under contention as a result of the drugs he admitted to taking in his book, but of course, we can’t always trust what we read in a book now can we? It can be “embellished.”

Prince Harry’s Visa Information Deemed To Be Of “Immense Public Interest” By The Heritage Foundation

Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone else, Prince Harry admitting that he did drugs in his book does not prove he did, because he could have written it in to wow the audience and sell books.

This new testimony came as a DC court began hearing a case that’ll determine whether Harry’s visa application would be made public, following his admittance to doing drugs in “Spare.”

The case was brought on by the Heritage Foundation – a conservative think-tank that insists Harry’s visa application should be made public.

They have been challenging the Department for Homeland Security (DHS) for months since Harry made the startling revelations in his bestselling memoir.

Their case is that it’s possible the Duke did not disclose his drug-using habits in his visa application, and should that be the case, the public should know about it.

In ordinary circumstances, drug use would have prevented Harry from being allowed to live and work in the US under federal laws, so his application has therefore become of “immense public interest.”

Arguing in Harry’s defense, John Bardo, a lawyer for the DHS, told the court that “the book isn’t sworn testimony or proof” that Harry did drugs.

“Saying something in a book doesn’t necessarily make it true,” he said.

In return, Nile Gardiner, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, said that the argument was a “ridiculous” one.

“This is Prince Harry’s book”, he said following the hearing. “He has never denied anything in his own book… including the extensive widespread drug use.”

The court also heard that there are three possible ways Harry could have used to enter the US, with one of them being through the “category A” visa, which would allow him to enter as a diplomat or foreign government official.

Since Harry still retains his title, it’s considered highly probable.

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