Meghan Markle Had Great Potential As A Royal But Always Cast Herself As “Victim”

Meghan Markle Had Great Potential As A Royal But Always Cast Herself As “Victim”

Meghan Markle once told us there were no training periods leading up to her joining the royal family, but nevertheless hit the ground running.

And so she did. Within a few months, the royal’s popularity had grown so much that the future looked brighter for the monarchy. She was sort of cast as a jewel that could improve relations between the Monarchy and the Commonwealth.

That is, until she and hubby decided to quit the whole thing for life in the US. There they’ve stayed since, though it’s been hard for months to go by without the couple reminding us of how hard done by they were by the royal family.

Meghan Markle Reportedly Picked Fights Behind the Scenes

While Meghan, no doubt, brought new energy and revitalization to the Monarchy, her energy behind the scenes was reportedly not so much to write home about.

In fact, royal correspondent Valentine Low insisted that she picked fights and turned the narrative around so she could become the victim. It meant she couldn’t properly channel her “great potential” into helping to lead the Monarchy into the modern era.

He said: “I think she got stuck in. What was amazing was on the day that the engagement was announced, she gave a television interview. She talked about wanting to take on Commonwealth roles. She’d been well-briefed and was perfectly happy to spout her brief on air about what the future might be for her.”

Low added: “She did some very interesting things. The enthusiasm with which she embraced the Grenfell community kitchen and suggested they make a cookbook was amazing, of course. It flew off the shelves all around the world. She brought a lot of energy and a fresh approach to the whole royal thing.”

However, things took a turn when aides grew discontent. “But I also know that for all the great potential she showed, if you talk to people on the inside they believe rightly or wrongly that she was constantly casting herself as a victim.”

“Saying ‘You don’t want me, you think I’m going to fail, I’m not welcome really.’ It’s as if, they believe, she was looking for a way out from the very beginning.”

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