Prince William And Princess Kate Accused Of This Major Royal Blunder At King Charles Coronation

Prince William And Princess Kate Accused Of This Major Royal Blunder At King Charles CoronationAt face level, we all thought King Charles coronation went off as perfectly as planned. But when was the last time a celebration that big ever went off without a hitch?

Turns out the Prince and Princess of Wales actually threw a wrench in the works and kept the day from going as smoothly as possible. It even made the King “anxious,” per a report by a royal commentator.

The Reason King Charles And Queen Camilla Waited On William and Kate

On May 6, King Charles was crowned in front of thousands, with millions more watching the grand event on their telly. The whole affair was extravagant and had all the best parts of pomp and pageantry that Britain is known for.

Sadly something put a bit of drag on the whole day, but royal officials reportedly worked hard to fix the minor kink. However, it made the King so uncomfortable he was caught saying, “we can never be on time… there’s always something.”

At the time, no one could understand why the monarch made such statement, but now, it’s been uncovered that William and Kate were actually the causality of the muttering.

Robert Hardman recalled that the Waleses – and their two young children Charlotte and Louis – had been due to arrive at Westminster Palace eight minutes ahead of Charles and Camilla, but they managed to fall behind. As a result of this, Charles and Camilla waited in their carriage for them to arrive.

This was something that “added a layer of stress that the couple really do not want or need on a day like this.” As you can imagine, a historic event like this is bound to set everybody on edge, and any slight mistake can add to that stress.

So it isn’t really surprising when Sky News caught the monarch lowly muttering: “We can never be on time… There’s always something… This is boring.”

Hardman credited the couple’s lateness to the unplanned video they decided to make before they departed.

This led to a mistiming of the carriages, which could have hugely impacted the whole affair since William and Kate were “the two most important arrivals at such a significant event – and over such a well-trodden route.”

He described the whole thing as “so unpunctual.

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