Expert Hits Out At Meghan Markle For Being Too “Me, Me, Me” With Nigerian Tour

Expert Hits Out At Meghan Markle For Being Too “Me, Me, Me” With Nigerian TourOkay, here we go again. The Meghan Markle bashing train continues, and this time, she’s being criticized for not uttering a word about King Charles and Princess Kate during her and husband Prince Harry’s recent tour of Nigeria.

Something tells me she’d have been bashed as well even if she did mention them. Hmm.

Meghan Markle Slammed For Not Throwing In A Good Word For King Charles and Princess Kate Amid Their Cancer Treatments

At this point, if anybody asked my opinion, I’d say it’s better for the Royal Family and the Sussexes to do their own things until they can find peace, if that can happen.

But Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan apparently does not see it that way. According to her, the Duchess ought to have said something about her father-in-law and sister-in-law, who are both currently receiving treatments for cancer.

The 3-day tour saw Harry and Meghan touch on topics such as mental health and personal strength as they visited schools and enjoyed Polo games.

Speaking to GBN America, Callahan slammed the Duchess for her self-serving words, saying, “She goes on to tell this group of people that everywhere she’s been going during this non-royal royal tour, people have said to her, oh my goodness, we were not surprised at all to hear that you are Nigerian, because Nigerian women are brave, courageous, resilient, beautiful.”

She accused Meghan for being “all about me me me” during her appearance at the Women In Leadership event in Abuja.

Noting that Meghan snubbed King Charles and Princess Kate’s “strength and resilience” amid cancer battle, Callahan added, “As she’s going on regaling the Nigerian women and herself with compliments and fulsome praise, there’s not a word uttered when it comes to strength, resilience, bravery about either her father in law, the King, or Kate Middleton.”

She continued: “Both are undergoing cancer treatments with really utmost dignity and a real sense of propriety, and never really making what they’re going through about themselves, keeping in the forefront that they are servants of the British people.”

Callahan then observed that Meghan’s contrast with the royals “could not be more stark,” as she claims former actress “cannot get out of her own way ever.”

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