GB News Correspondent Cameron Walker Calls Prince William “The Future Of Britain”

GB News Correspondent Cameron Walker Calls Prince William “The Future Of Britain”Prince William, in recent years, has played a huge role in directing the way we clean up and preserve our environment, but now he’s looking to do more.

From the housing sector – he’s committed to ending homelessness – to raising money and awareness for his charities – he helped London Air Ambulance hit their first $1 million in 2022 – he’s competently grown to become one of Britain’s key public figures.

And Cameron Walker believes he can do even more in the future.

Cameron Walker On Why Prince William Will Prove To Be A Key Factor In Tackling A Global Danger

The Prince of Wales recently waded into the medical space by highlighting the dangers of drug-resistant infections. He used his platform to call for more “action and more unity” in combatting the rising global threat.

Touching on why William’s speech was important, GB’s Cameron Walker noted that the Prince, 42, has been described as a “global statesman” and the top world leader likely to unite America.

He also pointed out the importance of William’s speech at the joint event in London on Thursday between The Royal Society and His Majesty’s Government, “which has just announced a package of up to £85 million to support the international community tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR).”

Per the data released in the Lancet medical journal, five million people die every year from causes associated with AMR. The report further claimed that this number will likely double by 2050.

Prince William’s influence, according to Walker, could be what the UK needs to successfully unite the global community to take definite action. This is because William’s popularity and star power has been found to far outshine that of any political figure.

What Prince William Said About Uniting To Tackle the Growing Threat of AMR

Prince William gave his speech on Thursday in front of senior international politicians and representatives from the United Nations.

At the gathering, he said: “We stand at a critical juncture where the interconnections between drug resistance, climate change and environmental degradation cannot be ignored. Rivers are polluted with antibiotics and oceans are filled with micro-plastics containing resistant bacteria.”

“Meanwhile, deforestation is playing havoc with ecosystems facilitating the emergence of new infectious diseases. Unless we act now and together, the ripple effects of drug resistance will be felt across generations, jeopardising the wellbeing of our children and our grandchildren.”

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