Prince Harry And Meghan’s Tech Friend Pushes This Bizarre Princess Kate Theory

Prince Harry And Meghan's Tech Friend Pushes This Bizarre Princess Kate TheoryThe CEO of Bot Sentinel and Harry and Meghan’s close pal, Christopher Bouzy, has waded in on the #whereiskate conspiracy theories that’s been rocking the online world for more than two weeks now.

The tech CEO appeared on the Sussex couple’s “Harry and Meghan” Netflix docuseries under the tag of “close friend.” And now, he’s got some new thoughts to share about the Royals.

Tech CEO Christopher Bouzy Insists New Video Doesn’t Show Princess Kate

First it was Kate’s continued “disappearance,” then it was the “manipulated” pictures, and now that the Princess has been spotted by onlookers visiting her favorite farm, the world wants to doubt that too.

In fact, the video of her and William at the Windsor farm quickly went viral, with hundreds of naysayers arguing that it’s not Kate. Most of them even photoshopped Kate’s face to prove their point.

Bouzy, 48, is one of those people who believe that the Kate we saw in the farm video was different from the Kate we’ve known all along.

“I’ve compiled a few older videos of William and Kate walking together, as well as the recent video from Windsor Farm. Take a look and decide for yourself if it’s Kate or not. In my opinion, we still haven’t seen Kate in public,” he wrote on X.

In a follow-up tweet, he added, “We were told Kate was recovering and would resume her royal duties shortly. Yet, in the recent video, she is holding a bag and moving briskly. If she’s capable of such activity, why isn’t she back to fulfilling her royal duties yet?”

Despite Bouzy’s claims, several onlookers said that while they were surprised by the princess’s appearance, they were overjoyed to see her looking “healthy and happy.”

One insider even hoped that the sighting would be enough to quieten the rumors that have been rocking the internet for days now.

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