Prince Harry Reportedly Thought King Charles’ Diagnosis Would Let Him Play Royal Again

Prince Harry Reportedly Thought King Charles' Diagnosis Would Let Him Play Royal AgainWhen the world learned of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, two shocking things happened; Harry flew in to the UK and flew back within a space of hours, whilst William gently returned to his royal duties.

This shows that even though juggling increased royal duties with his home life will be hard, he intends to do it without help or sympathy from brother Harry.

At the same time, Harry was reportedly so confident he would be returning as a temporary royal, he revealed in an interview that he plans to visit the UK often throughout the course of this year.

Well, if he’s going to be visiting, that’s fine with William by all accounts, he just won’t be taking on any royal duties.

Prince Harry Thought He Could “Put On A Uniform” And Be Part of the “Royal Fold” Again, Royal Expert Says

This year has been a very slow one for the royals, and it’s by no fault of theirs, with two of their most senior members being out for the count.

What started as prostate surgery for the King turned into a cancer diagnosis, for which he is currently receiving treatments for.

Well, we haven’t seen Princess Kate since she had her planned abdominal surgery in January so much so that there’s been hundreds of ridiculous theories floating around and attempting to explain her “disappearance.”

In all this, William is bravely weathering the storm and even stepped out on March 19 to continue his campaign to end homelessness.

As a result of William’s personality of standing resolute in anything he believes in, former Buckingham Palace buttler Paul Burrell believes there’s no way back for Harry.

He told Slingo: “There is no place for Harry in the royal fold. He has made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Too much has been said. The drawbridge is up and there is no way back for Harry.”

“In his own mind and his world, I think he thought it was a possibility, now the family is in crisis, that he could step in, put on a uniform and do a few jobs for William and Charles, but it is not possible in the Royal Family’s eyes, or the public’s eyes. It sends the wrong message and William does not want any confusion going forward.”

Prince William Has Reportedly Drawn A Line To Working With Harry Again

Speaking on how William has chosen to cope with Harry’s continued betrayal, Burrell said, “William has drawn a line in the sand and has had enough so Harry will forever be the outcast Prince of his own making.

There is no way back. Harry thought he could have one foot in the camp and one foot out, but the late Queen made it quite clear to him that that was not fair and it would not work and will never be the case. His job as a member of the Royal Family is over.”

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